Naval Battle in the English Channel

By Melanie

April 1, 2024

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Message from Jesus Christ

Jesus appears and asks the seer:
"Are you ready for a message?"
M. "Yes, Lord."
J.: "Then come."
M: "Please confirm your presence."
J: "It is I, my child. Kneel down at my cross. Bow your head before the Lord your God. I am the Lord, your God. I am the risen Son of God. I am Jesus Christ. I am the one you know. I am Jesus Christ, my child. I am Jesus Christ."
M: "Thank you."
J: "Tell the group that I protect them."

The opening vision begins. The visionary hears plane noises and aircraft engines.
She sees an airplane flying in the clouds and has the feeling that she is sitting in the plane herself. The plane goes into a dive and it is as if a strong, cold wind can be felt. This is accompanied by a feeling of chest tightness and shortness of breath. It is as if it is losing control and crashing into the sea. The perspective changes and the viewer now watches the action from the surface of the water. On the horizon, several airplanes can be seen falling into the sea. The sea water is cold, the swell is strong and a gale-force wind is whipping. Some of the pilots that crashed are still alive and were able to save themselves with life jackets or boats.
They are floating in the middle of the icy sea - in the English Channel off England.

A very large ship, roughly comparable in size to the Titanic, comes out of the fog towards them and passes the pilots. On the horizon, many airplanes continue to fall from the cloudy sky into the sea.
Now a white swan swims into the picture - an information for the seer that this is an English territory. The swan is wearing a blue and white striped sailor's cap.

Now dark gray warships with cannon barrels appear in a row. Suddenly, a huge bald eagle appears in the air and gives a scream as it swoops down. It attacks the ships, which are struggling with the heavy seas.
The warships attacked by the bald eagle have small Russian flags attached to their sides - an information about their origin.
It is a naval battle. The weather is closing in, the clouds are getting darker and there is lightning. You can now see Russian warships and those of the Russian allies in two lanes on the right, and British warships with their allies on the left.

The bald eagle plunges into the water between the ships and grabs a large white bomb with a bulbous shape from the water - it is reminiscent of an atomic bomb.
The seer hears the word "Gettysburg".

A huge wave builds up on the horizon, taking up the entire horizon. Another seagull can be seen and storm bells are ringing.

The scene changes. The Berlin television tower appears as do enemy warplanes in flight attack over the city. The air alarm sounds and the population is ordered to take shelter in cellars or bunkers. People run in panic and try to get to safety.

These images are to be understood as a warning. Jesus explains that the occurrence of these events depends on the German Chancellor Scholz. At the same time, it is a warning to the chancellor himself.

Jesus warns him not to allow himself to be drawn any further into the war. He should distance himself from it.
Otherwise it could come to the point in the future that Berlin would come under air raids and the city would be bombed - similar to the Second World War, this would bring much destruction and suffering.

US President Biden now appears in the portrait and Jesus explains that Biden wants to persuade Scholz to take part in the war. However, Biden himself looks as if he is being influenced by someone in the background who has the strongest interest in fueling the war from the USA. As a result, Joe Biden is influencing German Chancellor Scholz to follow his "instructions".
This is a further warning to Scholz to resist this influence and avoid direct involvement in the war. Any involvement, whether indirect or direct, should be avoided. But especially direct; otherwise he will bring much suffering to his people. This is avoidable.

In the next section of the vision, you see an immense, unnaturally high wave that is at least as high as five very high waves on top of each other. It is rolling towards the east coast of the USA, at the height of New York. It is related to the war and is also a warning to Olaf Scholz.
An English flag flickers in the wind and behind it the Titanic-like ship can be seen on the water again. It is heading towards the flag.

The scene changes and a wooden sailing ship with wooden masts, defying the wind, is sailing at an angle on the sea in heavy swell. It is a warlike attack that causes severe flooding. Jesus shows the seer a map on which the south and south-east coast of England is marked where the floods will fall. Large parts of the coast would be affected, reaching far into the country.

Jesus wants England to be protected. It is a proud nation - proud of its traditions, its rich history and aware of its uniqueness in the world.
The English Crown Princess Kate Middelton appears in the vision. The United Kingdom must be protected and the royal family is unaware of all this. Daily lives of some members of the royal family are shown. They go about their everyday life, unaware of what could threaten England.
They would not want such an event to happen because they are very attached to their nation. Again and again, Jesus emphasizes the national pride of the English. One can assume that they would do something about it if they knew what might be in store for them.

Once again, jets can be seen carrying out air raids over England. The seer is asked to perform various tasks and to issue warnings that the country is at risk of flooding. Certain members of the government are to be warned within the next two months.

She hears "Cardiff".
It is a warning against England's direct involvement in the war. The seer sees the English Prime Minister. Jesus warns him to think carefully about his political decisions. Jesus wants the seer to warn and inform the English royal family including where the floods would take place.
This would come upon them if England became directly involved in the war.

They still have time to intervene. Not all the decisions that would lead to this have been made yet. It looks like there is still about a year to go. The English politicians can still avert this.
They don't know what threatens them. They don't expect it and obviously feel safe.
Jesus wants to protect the English and ensure that his people remain unmolested.
All of this should be brought to their attention so that they can change their minds.

It can be averted. It doesn't have to come to these floods in England.

Jesus wants to urge the English people to pray for their own protection.
They should pray for protection from floods and attacks, because Mary can also intervene there. This cross can pass over England.

Jesus gives thanks.
“God save the Queen. God save the King.” Jesus wants to protect the sheep in England.
They can also turn to Mary because she is the Queen of Peace.

In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.