Life on the New Earth

By Melanie

June 13, 2024

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Message #133

During the course of the day, Jesus had already announced his arrival as the seer kept seeing the sphere of fire outside her attic window. 

In the evening, Jesus appears during prayers and again it appears in a vision. It is quite impressive even if it seems frightening at first. 
One could perceive a sharpness and intensity that raised the question "Have I done something wrong?"

After feeling God's judgment, the sharp confrontation, the seer opened herself up to this sharpness and gave it her "yes", so to speak. 
The sphere is allowed to look into her soul and the seer looks at her inner self together with the sphere. The sharpness then disappears.

As the seer willingly opens herself to this sharpness, the sphere also opens itself to her. The sphere unfolds and a passageway opens up.

It looks like a meteor, fiery and glowing on the outside, as if it were made of some kind of lava.

The upper half folds open and a path opens up in the middle, leading to paradise. It is a light-filled, pure, beautiful place that the seer sees.

It is as if the sphere has a pull that wants to draw one in, but in a good way. It is like having to pass a test or examination. Once one has passed it, however, the logical consequence is that one is drawn into this beautiful, heavenly pull. When one has mastered the sharp judgment, one is allowed to walk this path.

Now the seer stands on the threshold of the path to paradise. It seems like a different dimension, but that means a different and new way of life. She wonders whether she is really pure enough and worthy to be here. And it seems that not everyone can cross this threshold to reach the higher level. The seer feels very humble in this place in an appropriate way. The people here are in a greater unity with God, a humility that comes from the fear of God, from an awareness that all is one.

The key to this is love.

It is a higher form of love, an unconditional love, such as you might expect from saints or angels. It is a very pure love that is difficult to describe in human words and is very touching.

The important thing is: one doesn’t need to decide for oneself to enter, one is invited. Comparable to a closed society. 
One is either on the guest list or not. The vibration, the splendor, the beauty and bliss go far beyond what words can describe.

Jesus makes the seer understand that He is satisfied with her description and asks her if she would like a glimpse of paradise and grants her this insight.

She has the impression that it is the place where she had already been in an earlier vision - the place of modern times. It is the New Earth.

Jesus now walks beside her and shows her everything. He radiates great love.

It is a different life there, a different attitude to life, not just for the seer, but for all the people who are there. 
They are fine people, fine characters, very positive people who are focused on charity, on love and cohesion.

They are heart-centered, very respectful, very compassionate, very spiritual and also in a conscious connection with God.

It is possible to communicate more strongly through thoughts. All the people who are there are able to communicate with higher spiritual levels (e.g. angels, Jesus, Mary). Inner vision is also much more pronounced in the new era (visions that perceive the future).

In this place, these abilities are much more pronounced. People communicate differently, they can understand each other differently by simply being able to look into each other’s souls.

It's a unique kind of interaction because you feel each other, any words are hardly necessary. The communication is very subtle. 
One can sense how the other person is doing, his/her feelings, intentions or wishes, etc. Dealing with each other is very natural and highly empathetic. It takes place on a more spiritual level of perception.

God is perceived differently in this place and looks like a kind of sun. He is present, closer to the earth and shines very brightly, radiating white and communicating with everyone. He is much more tangible, much more perceptible and yet everything is very subtle. 
It is a joyful co-existence, pleasant, cheerful and loving. Being together is easy and really beautiful. It is blissful just to be there.

Life there is organized diversely. It is not industrial or capitalist in nature and not based on money. People live more modestly and naturally - "back to the roots". Society is coordinated in various ways, as is the organization of professional life. Everything that distracts or removes people from their true essence is no longer necessary in the new era.

Everyone will do what they are good at and what they enjoy doing, and in return the individual will be valued, loved and accepted - just as they are. It is a completely distinct life. It's no longer the case that, in the worst case scenario, one only works to make a living. 
Money seems to play less or no role at all anymore.

Then the vision is about the institution of the church of the new era. It seems to be a different form here too. 
It is said that the people who carry on the faith are actually the church.

A church building can be seen and it represents the higher structure of positions, hierarchies and rules. These belong to the old era. 
The church will arise anew in the New Times and regroup.

The person with the purest heart will be allowed to lead it. People will choose the one who is most like Jesus. 
The smartest, the wisest, the most spiritually developed. But above all else, it will be the one with the purest heart.

Comparable to Indian tribes, whose wisest tribal elders may be the spiritual leader of the village.

This is where the public part of the vision ends.