If England makes the wrong decisions...

By Melanie

May 20, 2024

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Message #121 from Jesus Christ

Jesus appears to the seer in the evening to the prayer group and she tests the apparition with holy water and Jesus shows Himself to her laboriously carrying the cross; how hard it was for him. It was a torture. At the same time, He carried it with the awareness that He was pursuing a certain goal with His suffering. He knew why He was doing it and that He wanted to do His Father's will.

Jesus now tells her: “Hurry my child.” A vision in Buckingham Palace begins. English jets fly past one of the windows, heading abroad. He repeats: “Hurry my child of truth. The British need your help!" Jesus urges her to hurry and reminds her urgently that the British need her help. It is a reminder of the completion of the task He had given her. (Note: Message 110 - to write to parts of the royal family and the British Prime Minister)

Desert sand and the blazing sun are briefly visible. It is a very hot place and there is a jeep there. Jesus grabs her by the arm and takes her to another place. There are a lot of jets in a very large V formation. Suddenly something falls from the sky into the water causing a huge shock wave. A moment of shock.

It is an elongated bomb that resembles a very narrow fish shape. It becomes narrower towards the back and at its end there are little wings similar to the fins of a fish. The elongated bomb falls vertically into the water. Now other details of the bomb become visible. It is greenish and on green are metal-colored, small angular flaps with small holes punched into them. After hitting the English Channel, a very large wave is created that flows from right to left. An immensely large wave is moving towards England's south-east coast. It is as if Jesus is shaking the seer. The images of this scene are repeated; especially the oversized fountain off the southwest coast of Great Britain. The water floods the land all the way to London.

A broad, greenish military aircraft can be seen opening a latch from which a bomb falls out. It is the elongated projectile described above. An airplane engine can be heard.

A fish-shaped weapon reminiscent of a torpedo can now be seen just below the surface of the water. The symbol for nuclear weapons is embossed on it.

A Russian military aircraft now drops another bomb which rotates on its own axis as it falls. A small parachute can be seen with a smaller bomb, but it hits the ground and explodes on land in southeast England.


Now the bald eagle can be seen flying over England. After what happened there, the situation escalates. The states go into a state of emergency.

In front of the bald eagle, the seer sees a strangely colored sky that glows in strange colors. The colors are reminiscent of nuclear radiation. It is yellow and in the background, red. The bald eagle flies overhead and in response shoots an underwater projectile towards Russia. Surprisingly, this projectile seems to reach as far as Russia.

In the next section of the vision, the seer is back at Buckingham Palace. The King of England looks out of the window and is unaware of any of these.

Jesus repeats the specific commission to write to British members of the government. Jesus tells her: “Make haste to process all this, because time is running out. Soon the wrong decisions could be made." Then she sees the current British Prime Minister. An aspiring man in his prime. Jesus ends the vision and takes his leave.

In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.