America Overestimates Itself - and will Experience a Heavy Defeat

By Melanie

June 3, 2024

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Nuclear Bomb in NY - End Warmongering - Catastrophic Development Avertable

The vision begins with Mary standing at Jesus' cross and watching her Son die. In doing so, she lovingly expresses that she too had to endure the most difficult situations in her life.

The Blessed Mother now starts to transmit a picture of the Statue of Liberty. She is standing on the pedestal and the city of New York stretches out in the background.

Standing at the Statue of Liberty, the seer sees several dolphins jumping out of the water in front of a coastline in the sunshine. The image merges with that of the Statue of Liberty so that the dolphins are swimming in front of the Statue of Liberty. The seer sees water and high waves splashing against the Statue of Liberty. It looks like an announcement that high waves are reaching the city.

The image of the Statue of Liberty can be seen again. In the background, many jets fly over New York. An unnatural and colorful glow can be seen above the city. It looks like nuclear radiation.

Mary hereby warns of severe attacks that await America: "It is an urgent warning for America to refrain from warmongering, otherwise it will be hit hard. The population cannot imagine the extent of this."

Again, she shows a large number of jets flying over New York. The image is accompanied by a sense of world war. Mary explains that the US population should pray for their own protection from war and for protection from the use of nuclear weapons. It is an urgent appeal from Mary because she wants to protect her beloved children. Otherwise America will have to endure air, sea and ground attacks. She also shows pictures of warships and repeats that the American people do not know what danger they are in. The attack on New York will hit the USA very hard.

Kim Jong-Un, the supreme leader of North Korea, can now be seen in the mind's eye. He presses a red button to trigger a nuclear attack on America. This attack will terrify the US population.

The image changes and a fast-moving motorboat appears on the water. The motorboat moves in loops towards land. It initially appears as if it is moving away from the mainland, but then it turns back. When it reaches land, it explodes. After the explosion, one can see New York in flames. Fire-fighting planes arrive to extinguish the fires. This is followed by a large, powerful shock wave caused by a nuclear detonation. There is now a mushroom cloud over New York and a pressure wave goes outwards from the center of New York. The sign for nuclear weapons and a smiling Kim Jong-Un are now in the foreground.

The Blessed Mother then explains that America does not understand the full impact of warmongering. They are blind and short-sighted, they overestimate themselves and their military capacities or they underestimate the enemy. They assume that they will win, but they will not. Other states will take advantage of this. The USA should reconsider its strategies. It is a warning to repent and reflect. A warning from Mary to "take your foot off the gas" in relation to the war.

This means stepping back from war and fighting and moving towards peace and understanding. Because there would be an incredible amount of suffering and the world and the American people could be spared a great deal of suffering if America were to withdraw from its war policy. This suffering is absolutely unnecessary and can be averted. Our Lady asks "the Americans" to give in and take a step back. 
To think, to negotiate and to take the opponent (Russia) seriously.

The Mother of God emphasizes that Putin is ready to negotiate. He won’t let himself be fobbed off and he has his demands, but he is prepared to negotiate. Mary urgently warns us to grab this straw otherwise the world will bitterly regret it and it will not be possible to turn back time. The catastrophic effects will plunge the world into chaos. 
Mary asks us to return to reason because as she says: "You all don't know what awaits you." 
Peaceful solutions are possible. Mary is asking to take it.

She says: "Thank you, my child. Thank you for your devotion. Ask me at any time for help with whatever you need and in the name of my Son I will grant it."

In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.