Russia finds allies in the East

By Melanie

June 6, 2024

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Message #128

Jesus first made personal predictions for the collaboration with Sandra and Steve and then began the vision for the general public.

Jesus shows swans flying like migratory birds in the sky in a V formation. One of the swans in front is suddenly hit by a bullet and the other swans see how the first one gets hit and falls. The leader then stops all the others from flying further or stops them from turning back. 
This causes a slight collision. The swans turn around. In the next image, one can see how one of the swans turns into a jet, turns and flies in the direction it came from.

A rocket is shown flying towards the swans. When the swans turned back, the rocket also turned back. The rocket returns to its starting point and, despite its high speed, lands softly like a dart in a dartboard without exploding.

In the next picture, a Russian jet flies through the picture. It forms a line with others and symbolizes a union of different countries that have allied themselves for war.

Jesus now shows how the row of jets dissolves and a kind of map on which the jets now spread out and return to their home. It indicates the eastern part of the world. Some of the jets' countries of origin are depicted. The vertical landing of a jet can be seen. On the ground there is a large red flag with yellow symbols reminiscent of the Chinese flag. The other countries are Belarus, Saudi Arabia and Iran. One can then see the presidents of the respective countries shaking Putin's hand. They all stand in a row and are now allies for the war. You can see Putin shaking hands with Chinese President Xi Jinping.

The picture changes and President Putin is seen shaking hands with the Saudi prince and Antichrist Mohammed bin Salman. 
Putin, however, does not know that this man is the Antichrist. They too seem to be allied for war.

The next image shows Ukrainian President Zelensky and Russian President Putin. They are standing opposite each other on a chessboard. 
Both look at each other fiercely, each taking turns to move his piece on the chessboard. Putin's face appears huge above the chessboard. 
He becomes a giant while Zelensky becomes as small as a pawn. So they stood opposite each other, Selensky tiny and Putin huge.

Putin once again offers Zelensky the opportunity to negotiate. The Russian language can be heard in the vision, but the seer does not understand it. Zelensky rejects Putin's offer to negotiate again, as in previous visions.

Selensky is shocked and runs after Putin. He stretches out his arm to help. As if he wanted to change his mind and symbolically asks him to come back.

However, Zelensky has wasted the opportunity and the chance to negotiate has passed.

Zelensky sees a very large projectile approaching Ukraine. There is another immense destruction.

Zelensky regrets not having seized this opportunity. Putin had warned him: "Brother," brotherhood in the sense of nationality, "think it over carefully, give in." Zelensky, however, opposed Putin and tried to inflate himself, trying to appear bigger and stronger than he actually is.

They are now still facing each other in the dimension of the Lego figure and the giant. The Lego figure now has a kind of air pump and repeatedly tries to inflate himself, which he is only moderately successful at. However, the air escapes with each attempt and he becomes tiny again.

Zelensky's attempt is unsuccessful and Putin faces him, overpowering and oversized.

To the Holy Alliance (Sandra, Steve and Melanie) Jesus says: "You must focus. Thank you for your courage, thank you for your unconditionality." And then He says goodbye in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.