The Pope in Doubt - Antichrist in Preparation

By Melanie

May 31, 2024

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Message #124

Jesus appears and seems worried. He comes closer and begins to convey inner images to the seer, particularly, those of the Saudi Prince Mohammed bin Salman. The seer sees him several times in a large portrait - smiling with a red and white headscarf and a black elastic band around it.

Since the beginning of the apparition, she has been hearing the chorus of the song "Bad Liar" from the band "Imagine Dragons.”

The scene changes and Pope Francis can be seen wearing festive papal attire. It is cream-colored with fine golden embroidery. 
First, the Pope sits and pronounces a blessing over someone kneeling in front of him. It seems as if the pontiff is handing him something.

The Pope then preaches standing in front of a large crowd. He holds up a host. This takes place in St. Peter's Square. Many people have come there to receive a blessing, to refresh their faith, to find hope and a connection to Jesus. They are hoping for something from the Pope's visit and inwardly, they are cheering the Pope on.

However, there is something wrong with this picture. Because then the focus goes to his heart and in his heart there is something that doesn't quite fit with the host. It is as if he is not completely sincere or as if he is perhaps hiding something in his heart that relates to his task as Pope.

The people are very devout. It is as if they are inwardly calling out to him and to Jesus Christ, because ultimately the Pope is holding up Jesus in the form of the host.

When the Pope turns around, one half of his body is black and the other half is white.

Jesus then shows the seer herself how she reacts when Jesus appears to her and how she expresses her reverence. It can be understood as a kind of comparison in terms of reverence. Because in the scene in which Pope Francis holds up the host, there is a feeling that he might not be sincere or that his reverence for Jesus is not entirely genuine. It is as if there is a part of him that does not believe and has no good intentions. He seems conflicted or torn internally.

The seer hears the words: "A wolf in sheep's clothing."

The image switches to the Saudi prince. He observes the destructive interaction between the nations from a distance and smiles maliciously to himself.

The image of an iron ball swinging back and forth like a swing boat symbolizes how the states are currently passing the ball to each other. 
It is like a pendulum that swings back and forth and keeps swinging higher and higher. It is reminiscent of swinging children who swing higher and higher until they finally make a somersault.

This is about the pendulum that continues to swing. The Antichrist, i.e. the Saudi prince, observes how the pendulum swings further and further. This pendulum represents the degree of escalation. It is as if the Antichrist is waiting until a certain level is reached. He remains completely relaxed and simply waits. Acting in the background, he inconspicuously interjects information here and there. Perhaps he gives money to one person and makes promises to another. He acts, intrigues and does so as inconspicuously as if they were chance encounters. 
He allegedly offers his help in the form of money and weapons that could be used in the ongoing conflicts. He acts as if he is meeting certain people by chance and casually offers arms deals. Possibly also with the French government, as Jesus implies.

That seems to be his tried and tested approach - subtle, but not with good intentions. He has no good intentions whatsoever. 
He seems pleased that this strategy has worked for the American government.

The bald eagle can be seen again flying from far above and slowly descending with its wings outstretched, as if in an elevator. 
Behind him is the sun. It doesn't seem to be clear what the background to certain transactions was or what is happening in secret because the Antichrist is very good at playing people off against each other. That is his specialty. The Americans (its government, politicians, etc.) don't know who he really is.

Only a few selected people in the world know his spiritual background and they understand what the world expects. On the surface, it seems that he is making deals and that the Biden administration is glad to know that certain things have been taken care of for them.

Jesus then passes on personal information and important guidance to teamwork for the Seer-Alliance before He takes His leave.

In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.