Nuclear Attack

By Melanie

June 7, 2024

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Message #129

Jesus appears and tells the visionary that he would like to show her something. After examination of the apparition, Jesus begins to transmit inner images.

The seer sees a jet flying into a kind of sunset. The one jet became many. A large crowd, as wide as the horizon, of black jets fly in a row. It seems creepy and unpleasant. It looks like a dark alliance of warring factions. One jet breaks away from the line. It flies ahead and shoots across, the others fly straight out. It looks like a ricochet or someone who is not sticking to the agreements.

"Jesus, what does that mean?" asks the seer. "Look closely," He says.

It seems as if they are flying towards the end together. That they don't know the impact of their decisions. They are flying towards their end and they are not aware of that either. "End" in the sense that there will be devastating consequences.

The seer sees a brown eagle (Germany). It flies one row behind the black jets lined up in the sky.

The eagle is flying fast, it has spread its wings and briefly transforms into a jet. It looks as if it has flown out to hunt.

In the evening sky, towards which they are all flying together, a massive nuclear explosion has taken place. The seer sees a huge mushroom cloud. The pressure whirls everyone involved through the air. They are simply swept away by the shock wave.

Jesus brings the seer closer to France's future. She has the feeling that France (President Macron) is making a serious mistake and that a nuclear bomb will be dropped on Paris.

She sees a large bomb being dropped from an airplane. The bomb has three small wings at the back and is shaped like a fish - it gets narrower at the back and then wider again. It falls in a circular motion, nose first, causing massive destruction.

The seer sees a pilot descending from the sky over France on a kind of seat with a parachute. It does not appear to be an emergency situation, but rather a deliberate act. The pilot is holding binoculars and a kind of spittoon, as used by some primitive people. (Poison-soaked arrows are shot from the spittoon.) The seer concludes that poisons could be used in war. It seems as if the pilot is firing his poisoned arrow at a specific area. The seer has the feeling that she is breathing in something strange.

There is a feeling that a real world war is taking place. Many countries around the world will be involved and affected.

The impression is that nobody expected the atomic bomb to explode at sunset. It came very suddenly and complete chaos would break out afterwards.

Jesus goes on with the seer. He wants to show her something else. It is something that also makes Him very sad. 
He says: "You must be very strong now. Concentrate only on Me. Are you ready? Then come."

Japan comes to the seer's mind. She keeps seeing a very sleek, modern jet with the Japanese flag depicted on it. The seer is surprised that Japan appears. It seems as if they are also choosing their side - namely Russia against America and as if Japan wants to return the favor.

Japanese jets fire missiles. The missiles have alternating red caps and red stripes. This is symbolic information for the seer that these are nuclear weapons.

The feeling repeatedly arises that Japan will use weapons against Germany. Cluster bombs.

Japan and China joining forces despite their strained relationship seems to have a different meaning in war.

This is where the vision ends.