A New Era

By Melanie

June 8, 2024

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Message #130

At the beginning of the prayer group, Jesus Christ appears to deliver a new message. 

First, the visionary sees in her mind's eye that there is war in Rome. Jets are flying over the Trevi Fountain towards Rome and beyond.

A new image comes to her mind. A man in America stands at the fence in his garden and looks up at the night sky. Some planets or stars are arranged on a vertical line. It stands out in white against the background.

A horizontal line is also visible forming a cross of light in the sky. However, the two axes do not appear static, but mobile. 
This means that they have moved to a different position in the sky over time.

The movements of the axes contain the information of many centuries or even millennia of human history with thousands and thousands of human lives that have come and gone. The axes each represent different eras:

The vertical axis represents a light age in which people were more spiritually aware and the horizontal axis appears darker and lower vibrating. The darker axis seems to stand for a later age in which the majority of humanity is earthbound and without spirituality or a conscious divine connection.

These two ages now meet. The axes cross, the spiritual and earthly axes unite. Jesus now emerges from this cross of light and fog. 
He is Consciousness (as a pitiful attempt to describe Him with human words).

[ The Coming Warning? ]

With the appearance of this special constellation of stars, a new age begins with Jesus Christ, so it is explained. 
With the focus on Jesus, His consciousness and on Jesus' love. It seems that the beginning of this New Era is imminent.

Jesus' figure is very tall, bright and sublime. There is a great power emanating from Him that is spreading to humanity and raising their consciousness - raising it AGAIN, as it once was.

It corresponds to earlier messages and can be understood as a different kind of presentation or perspective. 
For here Jesus' words are repeated "there will be new heavens and a new earth and death will be no more."

This event, the beginning of the New Era, seems to be imminent. The wheat will be separated from the chaff. This means that there will be a distinction between those who want to belong to Jesus and follow Him and those who decide against Jesus. Only those people who can and want to live like Jesus and accept Him as King of kings will remain on earth. The rest will leave the earth.

In the New Era, people will live at a higher level of consciousness. They will be able to communicate with and perceive Jesus and the spiritual world quite naturally. People will live peacefully and in unity with each other. They will communicate with each other telepathically and do so with ease, love and acceptance of their neighbour. It will be completely natural for them. They will sense what the other person needs without having to speak. Everything will be in flow. Everything is in love and everyone is accepted as they are.

In the New Era, there will be strong healers and stronger healing methods than today.

This is where the vision ends.