Italy, France and Germany will Bleed if They do not Repent

By Melanie

June 9, 2024

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- Call for Nationwide Prayers -

Mary appears to warn of a great approaching danger. She shows the visionary her large red heart which takes up half her chest and is surrounded by flames. It is the great love that Mary feels for Christians.

The first picture shows a large, misshapen monster like something out of a children's fairy tale - a symbol of a destructive threat. It is running towards a city and leaving widespread destruction in its wake. As on the previous day, jets can be seen flying over Rome, dropping and scattering black spheres. Mary shows Italy on the map from above.

Troop movements are indicated on the west coast. The thought of a march comes to mind. To name the section roughly: between Genoa and Pisa. As if predicting where the war will take place. Hannibal, who crossed the Alps with his army, comes to the seer's mind.

In the lower third of the boot you can see fires and in the south there is a coastal town where there is a lot of fire. 
It looks like a particularly severe warlike attack. Naples comes to the seer's mind.

Mary warns the Italian population to be especially careful when the planes/jets come.

Mary calls Italy to pray. The Italians themselves who are generally even more God-fearing and faithful, may pray for the protection of their country, for protection from war and destruction and for the preservation of their capital city.

May they turn to Mary as Queen of Peace so that harm may be averted or reduced from their country which is in turmoil and upheaval. 
Mary can and wants to help the Italian people and encourages them to remain firm in their faith and to become even firmer in their faith. 
Mary suggests offering more masses in churches for peace and also lighting candles.

Mary thanks the Italian people for their reverence and promises them rich blessings, her loving hand, her loving help and guidance.
She emphasizes that she will grant help if it is requested.

She recommends that the Italian people unite in prayer for peace. On a specific day, united in one place or in spirit. It is about unity. 
This unity is particularly important and effective. Mary had already asked for prayer in unity in connection with America, England and Germany.

Mary emphasizes that in these times people will not be able to look to the Pope for guidance. He is currently in a kind of crisis himself and is temporarily unable to provide guidance. This is not a criticism of Pope Francis. It is Mary's neutral description of the moment.

Mary is asking the Italian people to stock up on food: food that will last for a long time, water, baby food, bandages and medicines. 
Things that are needed in emergencies.

Mary wants to protect as many sheep as possible and asks that her words be taken seriously, regardless of which mouth they come from.

Now the focus shifts to France where the conditions appear to be significantly worse than in Italy. 
The whole country is affected. Bombs hail from the sky like terrible fireworks and they leave widespread destruction in their wake. 
Port facilities in Brittany and the French side of the English Channel are attacked. A blood-soaked sword lies on the map of France. 
The image changes by a closer look on the sword. A huge symbolic sword is stuck vertically with its tip in the heart of the country, with its ornately decorated handle. Blood runs down the shaft. A large pool of blood forms at the puncture hole. An image that hurts the seer's heart and makes her weep bitter tears for a long time.

Great suffering is coming to France.

Mary would like to let this cross, this sword, pass France by.

The visionary hears the name of former President Mitterrand again and again, but cannot classify it. 
Macron believes that he is serving his country and doing it good through his supposedly heroic actions. 
He has no idea what destruction this will bring.

The next picture concerns Germany. 
A military aircraft flies in loops and drops bombs several times over the Rhineland, presumably over Cologne. This threat is not yet definite. 
A bridge west of Cologne-Deutz which is used for rail traffic is destroyed.

The thought of the North Sea comes to mind with the thought of an oversized wave of seawater hitting the Rhine.

It should be a warning for Germany, for German politicians, to move away from the path of war, to turn away from warmongering. 
To turn away from the temptations and promises that accompany war. Not to be lulled by the song of war whose sounds are so meaningful.

Our Lady laments that the admonitions go unheard, the warnings are dismissed.

Mary makes it clear: "The words of warning, spoken out of love, to come to their senses, to bring the divine children to their senses are deliberately ignored. And so it remains only for those who believe the words to pray for the peace of the whole country. 
To unite with all those who believe the words. All those who utter the same admonitions all over the world, in all places, and whose admonitions are despised in the same way. And so the prayers are necessary to bring at least a little light, to give a little hope. 
For those who see the spark of truth flashing. They carry the whole country with them. The list of countries affected could continue. 
But for today, let us leave it at that and find our way back to the peace that my beloved Son Jesus gives you. Find peace in His pure heart. Find peace in His love. And find peace in the arms of His Holy Mother."

In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.