A storm is passing through Iran - Mary sends a glimmer of hope to the people at war

By Melanie

April 25, 2024

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Message #115 from the Blessed Mother Mary


*Note from the Webmaster:

Some questions have arisen in regards to one of this visionary's older posts (Message #9) where her words sounded like "New Age" terms.  And as many of you know, I am a convert from the occults, so I absolutely do NOT want to be tainting our readers with New-Age things at all!! 

So, I brought this concern to the visionary and some trusted friends within her circle to get a better idea as to why these specific words were used.  After some conversations I understood that she was trying to describe what she was seeing and feeling but she didn't know the correct words to use because it's very difficult to describe spiritual things in our earthly languages.  She repeatedly emphasized that in NO WAY is she trying to portray any New Age beliefs or practices at all, and regretted the confusion her choice of words portrayed.  Moreover, her former spiritual director had also read over her messages and understood what she was trying to explain and was able to see through the confusion, thus giving his consent for the message to be released to the public.

Remember, we are not obligated to believe in any private message.  As always, please pray for discernment before reading, take from it what is good, and leave the rest.

God Bless.



(original text is in German)

Mary appears during the prayer group. She wears a delicate white veil on her head, a white dress and a soft light blue cloak.

The picture changes. A swan flies in the sky and is suddenly caught by a bullet and shot down. It is hit in the chest and plunges into the cold sea. As it falls, the swan is startled and astonished. It had not expected the attack. More swans then appear in the sky, flying in a V formation. They too are suddenly shot at and one of them also crashes.

Now a battlefield can be seen in a sandy and stony landscape. Arab-looking men with light-colored scarves on their heads are standing in this land. There is a tank and several soldiers around it. A special tank projectile can be seen being pushed into the tank's barrel. It is slightly longer than usual and has a rounded, wider tip. It acts like a projectile that can travel further distances and cause greater damage. The projectile is launched and flies in a high arc, where it hits the target and explodes. This is followed by a very strong vibration, similar to an earthquake. 
A tremor goes through the attacked land.

A broad and thick cloud front now builds up on the horizon of the desert, covering the entire horizon and 2/3 of the width of the image. Through the opaque cloud front, the same type of projectile that was fired by the tank in the other direction now comes from the opposite direction. So there is a counterattack, or rather the central location is now being attacked from two sides.

The vision goes back to the Arab-looking men with headscarves. A single man can now be seen from very close up, as if he were sitting directly opposite the seer. A small tea glass stands in front of him. He stirs it and smiles smugly. The seer must be thinking of a sheikh who had already appeared in other visions.

We return to the unusually thick cloud front, where a very large whirlwind is now forming. It is oversized and wide and approaches the seer threateningly. It hits the attacked land in the middle. The whirlwind brings menace, chaos and devastation and moves through a land where there is a lot of sand. There are even city walls or houses made of sand. 

The seer is in front of the city wall and the massive whirlwind is coming towards and past her. She was able to hide in a pit in the ground (similar to a trench) and get to safety until the storm had passed. Hiding was associated with great fear and the hope of not being discovered. The storm moved on through the place where the war was raging and it symbolizes a special development in the war.

The next image is a kind of off-road vehicle with many men wearing turbans squatting on the loading area. The vehicle moves through the city as if in a kind of chase and the men shoot at each other indiscriminately with machine guns. “Rebels. This could be happening in Iran or Iraq. There is a desert there.

Now the image changes to a mountain range in a desert location. There is snow on the mountain peaks. 
In the background, small lights are shining in the mountains, as if someone is living there who will bring a glimmer of hope. 
It is as if Mary is sending her light into the mountains and erecting a pillar of light there. She plucks a star from the sky.

The people in this place see or will see signs of Mary's presence. Mary will leave signs there and make herself known to the people. She stands there at an empty well and fills it with water. 
Then she stands in the middle of the place over which the jets are flying and the war is raging. Mary wants us to know that she will be there.

Then she shows a picture of a cute dark-haired girl who can see Mary and Our Lady speaks lovingly to the girl. When the mother comes in, she wants to pull her little daughter away until she also sees Mary and understands what is happening.

Mother and daughter kneel before Mary and she offers to pray to her and ask for help. Gradually, the rest of the family joins them and they pray together before Mary's apparition. Mary gives these people hope, light and protection.

Mary repeatedly points to the mountain and indicates that she will send someone who is able to communicate with her.

The other people feel the calming and peaceful effect, even if they cannot see Mary herself. Mary radiates great peace. These people receive Mary's special protection. It is like a miracle. She calls the people in the war zones to her to give them hope. She describes it as great joy and happiness that she brings them. More and more people come to meet Mary at the well. She spreads her protection over them. It spreads by word of mouth.

In areas of the world where the internet is available, the spread of Mary's work is even easier and she can let her holiness and her spirit radiate in this way. Where people gather to ask for Mary's protection and peace. She thus illustrates the wonderful opportunities that exist today to pass on this good news and how easily it can spread.

Mary shows the visionary various situations in which she has worked personal miracles for individual people. 
She wants to express that she does not leave people alone, protects them and is there in times of need. 
We can trust in this help, she says.

Even if it is difficult to imagine at this moment, she affirms, she will be there to intervene when the time comes. 
She will intercede so that people are protected.

She would therefore like to remind you of the many miracles, big and small, that she has performed all over the world. Moments when she was there to offer protection and help.

She wants to remind people of her power and reassure them. Her help is possible and real. She asks us not to despair, but to trust her - the Queen of Peace. In due course, she will spread her mantle over her flock. As in previous messages, there is a gentle hint of times of war. Should war break out, she wants us to be aware that we have a very powerful friend in her.

“Pass on my message. Rejoice hearts and ease minds. Speak of my love, speak of my miracles and refresh hearts, my child. Blessed are you. Trust in my intercession. My beloved Son will never let you fall. My beloved Son also gives you my blessing and so go in peace.”

In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.