Insurgents & Rockets in the Jordan Region

By Melanie

May 8, 2024

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Mary appears during the group’s prayer time. She is wearing a cloak with a turquoise cape
infused with gold. At the beginning she has a little white sheep on her arm that looks injured or

Mary puts it down because it wants to walk. But the little sheep doesn't have enough strength
and it collapses. Now it lies in a cloth, turns once and then its neck and head hang down to the

The eyes are closed and it appears very sick and weak.

The surroundings change and to the right of the seer is a whitewashed wall that reminds her of
Greece or Morocco. Large brick arches like semi circles made of large turquoise tiles are carved
into the wall. A pretty batted and wild tile pattern. The turquoise is very bright.
The surrounding soil is predominantly sandy.

What follows is a picture of a projectile, a relatively long rocket roughly estimated at one and a
half meters. It is dark gray to black.

It flies in a high arc over a flat landscape. It is reminiscent of Jordan.

The projectile is pointed at the front and resembles an oversized black pencil. Maria shows the
seer this image again and again.

Very often the sequence is repeated as the missile comes relatively close to her from a distance
in a high arc. However, it is not seen to have hit her, but only to be flying. At the front, just
behind the tip, sparks fly, as we know from fuses, for example. A small plume of smoke trails
behind it. The rocket lights up brightly against the night sky and burns as it flies.

Then Art City appears and Maria walks through this place with the seer. It is a scary atmosphere.
Everything is a sandy yellow or a very light shade of orange. The people are also wearing lightcolored clothes. The men wear long robes in white, cream, light yellow and with corresponding
head coverings or turbans. The people there have very dark hair and have a certain occidental

At first normal people are seen walking through a very small town, doing their errands and
going about their daily lives.

On the right is a kind of bright temple made of sandstone in whitewashed colors.
This is very high and has a high staircase and pillars leading up the sides. It is reminiscent of a
temple or a church.

It is a prominent and large building.

They now walk a little further through an alley or a market. It is relatively narrow and there are a
lot of people in this place.

Someone is also wearing a little hat with a cord hanging down in the middle at the top like in the
Disney film, Aladdin.

The perspective changes to a man who keeps turning around as if he has sensed danger. He
seems frightened and then runs away very quickly. He runs through winding alleyways and

The pursuers look like insurgents. Their faces are covered so that only their eyes are visible.
Their clothing is also completely concealing.

They appear to be all men. A machete flashes and the vision ends.