Jesus' Call to Prayer for England

By Melanie

May 11, 2024

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Message #119

During the mass, Jesus appears and stands next to Sandra and the seer in the pew.
He begins to convey inner images to her and shows Himself, while rockets and burning
projectiles fly around behind Him. Images of the city of Cologne appear. One can see the city
skyline being flown over by jets. The jets are capable of firing many rapid shots in succession.
There are other military aircraft in the city's airspace. Now the perspective changes to a bridge
that is being flown over closely.

You see the bridge crossing as if you were standing in front of it.

The picture changes and one can see the Rhine from further up, with Cologne stretching out
around it. An immense wave builds up on the horizon as if it came from the sea because its
height and width are so immense that it is almost oversized for a river like the Rhine.
Now the scene changes and England appears in the background as an outline on a map. A
military airplane moves through the air over the English Channel. It is white with red stripes at
the front somewhat bulbous in shape and reminiscent of a glider. The image is repeated several
times. It drops a bomb from flight over the English Channel.

The seer hears the distress call: "Mayday! Mayday!" This is accompanied by the image of a
propeller plane that is sometimes seen from the inside and sometimes from the outside. A white
bomb then falls to the ground. It is a specific type of bomb. It is rather bulbous in shape and has
sails sticking out in the middle. It rotates as it falls to the ground.

In the next image, several jets plummet from the sky into the sea. The perspective changes and
again a map can be seen from above showing the English Channel, i.e. the channel in the sea
between England and France. First, a single plane flies over it and drops a bomb.

It is a relatively large, bulbous bomb in white with 2 red stripes. It looks like a nuclear weapon.
The bomb can be seen briefly from close up and then it is dropped and falls. Then the sequence
is shown repeatedly where the plane flies high in the clouds and where exactly it drops the
bomb from there - approximately at the height of the western coastline where Wales borders
England. Over the English Channel at the height of the coastline. However, the bomb will land

As a result, serious flooding occurs in the west of England between Portsmouth, Bath and St.
Ives. It is a very large area covered by water.

Jesus now shows the seer a picture of many airplanes flying together from east to west across
the English Channel.

Their shape is more reminiscent of gliders and they are not as sleek as jets.
Jesus now asks - as a task for the seer - to launch an appeal for prayer for the British
inhabitants. He encourages the British people to pray more for their own protection from

floods and war.
Jesus explains that His Holy Mother is in a position to protect the British population and to
turn to her in prayer for this reason. He shows the visionary a picture of Mary erecting a
transparent wall to protect them from the water.

He wants to give hope and convey confidence before He takes His leave.
In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.