Sins, Virtues and Belligerence

By Melanie

April 26, 2024

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Message #116

Jesus Christ appears after the first week of the intensive prayer phase for world peace.
After a personal message, He asks: "Would you like to receive another message for
everyone? Thank you. I still have something to say. Let's change places."

He pulls the seer into a long tunnel of swirling colors that is all too familiar from other
visions. They land in a dreamlike meadow.

The sun glistens through the leaves of an apple tree. Everything seems so harmonious, as
if it were paradise. The feeling of being there is indescribably beautiful.
Archangel Gabriel and Archangel Michael join them and walk together with Jesus and the
seer across the meadow towards a stone path.

From there, a door opens in the clouds which has a frightening aura. The seer is afraid to
enter the door as the negative aura is immense.

It leads to hell.

This is where the fallen angels and humans who have renounced the glory of God reside.
Hell is figuratively depicted as a fiery place of discord, godlessness and despair. The souls
residing there are too addicted to sin. Addictions (drugs, sex), but also murder, deceit and
unfiltered libidinousness are the reasons. The deadly sins are also represented here, as
they are referred to as human beings.

The following image is presented to the seer: In the middle, a wide bridge runs through the
lava and fire surface. Smaller islands extend from this bridge and are connected to each
other. As if "islands of sin" were connecting with each other and combining sins. The sinful
souls who have committed the following transgressions, among others: Lying, adultery,
cheating, theft, falsehood as well as indiscriminate devotion to their own sexual desires. At
the end of the walkway, a small staircase leads to a kind of throne on which the ruler of
this place sits - Satan.

He approves of everything that takes place there and takes great pleasure in it.
He embodies the principle of the purely earthly - the least spiritual principle. The carnal
and earthly pleasures. In contrast, God stands as the highest spiritual principle. They are

This is followed by a picture in which those present are shown enjoying their sins. This
means that during their lifetime they enjoyed them, thought their behavior was right and
seemed happy. It describes their consciousness or their spiritual stage of development.
These are very earthly, selfish behaviors that are based on the pleasure principle -
emulating earthly pleasure without discipline or reflection.

A kind of elevator takes us up a level and there, among many other things, we deal with
interpersonal problems: jealousy, stalking, self-centered love and betrayal.
After that, we quickly move up to a spiritual level where souls who treat each other in a
very friendly, loving and considerate way can be found. They interact with each other and
try to help each other. They are surrounded by a vibration of spiritual and heartfelt purity.
There is no malice here, no maliciousness or baseness. On this level, virtues such as
cordiality, love, willingness to help and kindness are represented.

The souls here have a significantly higher level of development.

Finally, Jesus takes the visionary to the level of God which can hardly be described in
words. It is pure love that completely embraces and envelopes. For the seer, it is a feeling
of complete acceptance and security.

The seer may receive a personal healing on this level.

The last vision begins with European-looking houses being destroyed by bullets. Large,
burning projectiles come flying capable of destroying entire residential buildings. It is a
warning of a scenario that will occur if the lust for war gains the upper hand. The lust for
war is also one of the sins, Jesus explains. When the interests of money, fame and power
take hold. When the heart is lost and people have lost their spiritual compass. The portrait
of German Chancellor Olaf Scholz appears. It is a warning to the German chancellor that
he would bring much suffering to the German people. A population that he does not
consider to be his own people, Jesus explains.

Jesus encourages people to write to the Federal Chancellor and German politicians. This
can be done in an earthly way in the form of letters from citizens reminding them that his
decisions are seriously endangering normal life, at least in Germany.
It could be an opportunity to write a peaceful but clearly formulated letter to the Chancellor.
The citizens, but also readers and listeners of Heaven's Messages may feel free, Jesus
suggests, to write Chancellor Scholz a letter in which it is pointed out that the population
would like to live in security and peace.

Similarly, non-partisan and neutral peace demonstrations would be a way of expressing
one's desire for peace and security; perhaps through Berlin or around the Bundestag. This
could express the desire for peace for all countries. Peace is not for a particular side or a
particular country, but goes beyond all national borders.

For, as Jesus describes, lies, deceit and the desire for war have taken hold. The
armament and preparations for war seem as if politicians are already preparing for the fact
that the state of war will or should continue for a long time to come. As if certain political
circles know something that the population does not.

Jesus suggests that the members of the prayer group each write a letter to the chancellor.
He affirms that the people should express their opinion that they would like to live in peace
and security. It could be understood as feedback that certain politicians are on the wrong
track and that they should be told, as they are endangering an entire country.
"Thank you, my child. Go in peace.

Go in peace. Pass on My words."
In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.