The American people were misled

By Melanie

May 15, 2024

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Message #120

Jesus appears and He delivers a message of love to the members of the prayer group. Then He tells us that a hard time is coming. 
He puts His hand on the seer's back and walks with her. Jesus radiates an infinite amount of love. He is pure love. Love and awareness. 
It's hard to find words for it because He is so much more.

Jesus says: "It is important that you do what I say!" He makes it clear to her that Jesus will give her certain tasks. 
"There will come times when it is essential that you do exactly what I say."

Jesus: "Hard times are coming, child. You are not yet prepared for them. You don't believe in it yet. Come child, I want to show you something."

They are now at the Grand Canyon on the viewing platform. The seer sees something fiery flying and falling. They go beyond the barrier and hover in the air above the canyon. They get closer, so to speak. This is the USA and Jesus says He loves the USA, but they are in great danger. They don't know what danger they are in. The people are in danger.

Mentally, they move through the land and Jesus describes it to her, the population as well as the spirit or attitude of the people. 
It is difficult to put into words. The USA is a land of explorers, a land of pioneers. Basically a people rooted in faith who have been led astray. Jesus wants to help them return to the right path. There are many people there who practice charity. There are many friendly, helpful people who even put themselves in danger to help others.

But lies and deception were rampant. The lie, the deception, the deception through idols and false idols. False values were raised to a pedestal that did not deserve to be followed. This leads further into vice, sin, away from virtue. And there are powers at work there that have nothing good in mind. Those who are involved in evil machinations; people who have great influence and power. According to Jesus, these people were very well known and followed the wrong goals. They have become involved with the wrong people and have allowed themselves to be bought.

Jesus speaks of being bought and this does not necessarily have to be in the sense of corruption or lobbying. It refers to status, money, power, promises, agreements in the background that happen in secret and do not serve the people, but only some politicians, for example.

The seer must call Joe Biden and high-ranking American politicians. These people are "on the wrong track" and they are bringing great danger to their country.

Further on in the vision, Jesus and the seer go west in the USA. They walk through the air. The earth is scorched and hot. You can't walk over it with bare feet. The land is black, scorched and full of soot. Jesus shows on a map that there will be several places that would be affected by attacks. In the far east on the coast, Jesus points to New York or Manhattan. He shows the seer various approaching threats in the USA and tells her that He will guide her through these individual threats/attacks in visions when she is ready. But the time has not yet come.

He emphasizes that there is a very obvious threat and He wants to bring clarity to it. Again, a picture of the east coast of the USA appears where the sea water is overflowing. Now Jesus switches over to Texas and highlights a certain point on the map that looks like a spit of land jutting out a little further into the sea. A hurricane appears in the top right-hand corner of this headland. The seer also hears: "Austin." and "Look there."

In the vision, upon closer look the map turns into a chessboard. The impression of a military, tactical point is created. It's all about tactics. Small inflatable boats sail towards the headland.

In the next picture there is a military vehicle, similar to a smaller tank with caterpillar tracks and a green-brownish camouflage pattern. Relatively in the middle of the eastern United States, it travels a bit from north to south.

Jesus says: "Share it. Spread my message, child. Don't let anything or anyone stop you. Let's call it a day. Spread my message, child. Warn your brothers and sisters. And help them to return to My peace."

In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.