Time is Running Out- War & Disasters in the US

By Melanie

May 1, 2024

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Message #117

Jesus appears and the seer verifies the apparition with holy water. She feels as if a large drop of
rain is falling on her head and face.

Afterwards, she felt a strong heat in her throat and jaw area for several minutes.
The vision begins with a strong storm on the sea which becomes very turbulent. Sailing ships
and fishing boats are tossed back and forth on the waves by the wind.

Jesus begins with the words: "Time is running out. I am the Lord your God. Come." Jesus feels
soft and very loving.

They walk a little way together and He has His arm on her shoulder. He repeats: "My child, time
is running out."

They are standing in a meadow and Jesus points to certain stars in the night sky and explains
that there are cycles and ages. Planets have certain orbital periods. For example, some planets
take thousands of years and some a number of days. Now it is as if a certain planetary cycle is
complete, as if certain possibilities for the future are closing like doors. It is an age that is
coming to an end and a new one is beginning, like stages in people's lives. The seer sees the
image of a pocket watch and the large hand has gone round once and is almost at the top

It is just before twelve, as they say.

Jesus says: "What I am telling you is important and serious." He again shows the picture from
message #112 in which the bear was huge and had started to fire wildly with all kinds of
missiles. The seer now sees him standing on the left. The image is a little milky, transparent.
In a field opposite the bear, far in the background, stands the army which is made up of many
countries. They stand there, built up like a wall, like a wall.

USA under fire // time is running out
Jesus repeats again: "Time is running out." He puts his hand on the seer's back and invites her
to come with him and with a blink of an eye they are somewhere else. He wants to show her
something to explain. The seer is very affected by the images she has seen. Jesus advises her to
remain in peace and dwell in Him. They went back to the platform at the Grand Canyon where
they had already been. A hallmark of the USA. The sight is almost unbearable. Fireballs are

Jesus says: "Come on, I think it's sad too. It's a warning." They step closer and He warns them
that it won't be pretty.

One looks out over a very wide country (USA). Bullets are flying back and forth, large, small,
round and long. It's a catastrophe, everything is on fire. The war is everywhere. Some of the
scorched earth is black with soot, you can see burnt, destroyed cities. Elsewhere one can see
burning cities, missiles hitting the ground. In the canyon in the USA, the bear can be seen
standing very tall on its hind legs and beating its chest like a gorilla does. It lets out an angry cry,
because it is a rebellion with eyes glittering with rage.

Putin & Trump
The scene changes and the visionary sees Putin sitting at his desk, as if he were discussing with
someone sitting opposite him. Putin leans his upper body over the desk in a challenging manner
and looks with fire in his eyes and a sharp gaze, as if to say: "If you say the wrong thing now, I
will personally make you suffer the consequences!" and yet he remains outwardly cool and
analytical in the situation. He is very intelligent, but even his patience has an end, as Jesus
explains in this situation. He explains to his counterpart in his typical manner that he has
already analyzed the situation very carefully. He knows exactly what his counterpart is doing.
He makes it clear that he has already understood the nature of the situation. He is angry.
This takes place in the Kremlin in Russia. Now the seer is shown who his counterpart is. First the
current President Biden can be seen briefly and then Donald Trump. Putin gives him a lecture.
Now the seer hears Putin speaking Russian which she does not understand. She only hears his
anger. His lecture ends and he sits down again behind his desk and now waits for a constructive
suggestion from his counterpart, as if he were saying: "Please, speak now. Please, tell me what
you would like to suggest." Trump sits there and answers him in English: "... when we have
come to terms...! In German: "Wir haben uns geeinigt, das ..."

Trump went there to make a compromise with Putin. He admits that, in his view, mistakes have
been made and says: "We want to make peace with you. What do you need for that? We are
ready to negotiate with you. We are prepared to listen to you." Trump wants to defuse it. He is
negotiating peace with Putin, who is not alone for he has his entire team of advisors with him.
Putin gets to the heart of what he thinks America has done and why. He puts his finger in the
wound. He says that he observes every event very closely and has his secret services. He is fully
aware of what the opposing side has done and what it means. Putin makes it clear that Russia
has not fallen on its head and should not be underestimated. Trump sits in front of him - in a
blue jacket and with a red tie. The situation of having to listen to Putin's astute remarks is visibly
uncomfortable for him. He also has his team of advisors with him.

The men belonging to the American and Russian advisory staff stand opposite each other and
stare at each other silently and grimly.

Now Trump explains what happened from the US perspective. He apologizes and is very
accommodating to Putin. Trump acknowledges certain mistakes and makes suggestions for
compromise. He holds out the prospect of the USA refraining from certain actions. In the
interests of Putin and Russia, but also the USA. At the end, they shake hands as if to express
their confidence in finding solutions. The Americans leave the Russian government building.
President Putin is still very angry and is eyeing everything very suspiciously. He is now
consulting with his advisory staff which is made up of very good and intelligent strategists. They
are preparing treaties, drawing up papers and Putin is prepared to abide by them if the USA also
keeps to its part. The seer sees Putin reflecting on this war and making concessions to his
people and taking care of his people because the war is taking so long.
USA in a state of emergency

Suddenly, the visionary briefly sees Putin being shot in the chest.
Now the seer leaves the Kremlin with Jesus and finds herself on the platform at the Grand
Canyon. They now walk further west. They stand a little higher and look out over the land to the
west. The sun warms their backs.

Someone is riding a jet ski on the sea. Shortly afterwards, a building that has been blown up can
be seen in the background. The man on the jet ski seems to be involved. He has done something
bad to the building and is now moving away from it.

Various images now follow in quick succession:
1) The water bursts its banks on the west coast and flows far inland. Flooding occurs.
2) A tornado strikes the west of the USA
3) A comet falls from space, burning like a large fireball, into the atmosphere and hits the sea.
This causes flooding.

Decline of the dollar
The seer stands with Jesus in the middle of the platform in the Grand Canyon and they look
straight out over the land. Suddenly she sees the bald eagle on the US coins and banknotes. The
animal stands for the dollar. It hovers over the land and squawks. The eagle curls up in flight as
if it were dying miserably. It is a dramatic sight as it becomes smaller and thinner and holds its
wings twisted and spread out from its body as if it is simply going to collapse and die.
It is the decline of the dollar and points to bad times for the USA. The war, the currency, people
are falling into poverty.

Even those who normally have money. They have to stand in line because they don't even have
money for food anymore.

Again, the seer sees a whirlwind, but it is a whirlwind of emotions and means that a jolt will go
through the land. A storm is approaching.

A serious change, a great hardship.
Assassination attempt on Putin
The visionary leaves this scene and sees Putin again standing on a balcony like the kings of
England and waving to the people.

He directs his state and goes back into the building satisfied with himself. He has a sweet face in
this scene. He is very happy and content with the way things are going. It is not clear to which
point in time this refers. Putin is happy with himself, with his work, his job as president and the
way he is looking after the interests of the state. He is now wearing a large fur hat, the kind you
wear in sub-zero temperatures in the Russian winter. Huge fur flaps hang from the sides. This
image represents the fact that, as head of state, he also sees himself as a tsar, in the tradition of
the powerful and glorious tsars of Russia's past. In a way, he sees himself as belonging to his
ancestors and predecessors which makes him very happy. That is how he sees it, that is how he
feels as if he were a modern tsar. He has national pride and loves Russia's rich cultural history
with which he identifies and for which he feels pride.

Then the seer sees him at his desk again and he looks very angry. As angry as if he wanted to
lose his temper and vent his anger which he fails to do. Donald Trump can be seen again
explaining something to Putin. The seer is back in the state conversation from the beginning of
the vision. They come to an agreement and work something out. Putin has drawn up
agreements with his advisors and Trump wants to do the same. They shake hands and the
Americans leave the room. Putin looks suspicious because he doesn't trust them and doubts
their reliability.

The seer sees Putin approaching the night sky, floating, where a door opens. White light shines
from this door and Putin walks towards the door, but stops on the threshold. He stands for a
long time on the threshold between the light and this. He looks into this light and after what
feels like an eternity, he slowly walks backwards. It is as if he is falling, the sky disappears and
Putin falls onto a hospital bed. He does not die.

It seems to refer to an assassination attempt.
Jesus appears again and says: "Come, my child. That's enough for today. Go in peace."
In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.