Message from Jesus to Littlest of Servants

By Miscellaneous Messages

August 9, 2015

While in Church this morning during adoration Jesus told me that false prophets would now appear. That they would be wolves dressed as sheep. It would be like what happen at the end of WWII when German soldiers dressed up like American soldiers and spoke perfect English to fool the American soldiers so they could infiltrate and cause disruption and confusion among the ranks of the American soldiers to stop them from advancing to defeat Germany. At first the German soldiers had success and fooled the American soldiers but soon they were discovered as imposters and their plan failed.The false prophets will try to do the same. They will come dressed as prophets and will seem to speak the perfect language of God which is the language of the Holy Spirit (true prophecy) and will at first fool the remnant and they will seem to have success. But the Holy Spirit will expose the imposters and Satan's plan to infiltrate and cause mass confusion among the faithful remnant and stop Our Lady's plan to destroy Satan's kingdom on earth from advancing will fail. Ultimately, not only will this plan fail so will all Satan's other plans and Our Lady will destroy Satan's kingdom on earth.

Jesus wanted me to include this statement from that great priest St. Maximilian Kolbe:

"Modern times are dominated by Satan and will ever be more so in the future. The conflict with Hell cannot be engaged by men, even the most clever. The IMMACULATA ALONE HAS FROM GOD THE PROMISE OF VICTORY OVER SATAN."