A Man of War

By Miscellaneous Messages

The following message was given to Lyn Leahz, an alternative media news reporter who is using her talents to spread the gospel and awaken people to the lateness of the hour. The woman's name is Elizabeth Nebenfuhr (who I cannot find any information on). She had resisted for a long while from releasing this prophetic message about the United States, but finally decided out of obedience that she could resist no longer.

Her message spanned about 2 weeks leading up to the last presidential election, and warned of what will be coming to the US... war. She was told that the United States is a rebellious nation, filled with abominations... the #1 being abortion, and justice is coming.

Again, I don't know anything about this woman nor her faith, so, as always, please pray for discernment before continuing. God Bless.