God will get us through the Darkness

By Miscellaneous Messages

April 1, 2020

John Lawrence Mariani

Dear Readers
I know I didn't write last month. I've just been busy with a lot of things in my life and just trying to get used to society the way it is at this moment right now. If any of you have read my last post (on the website) in January it was about the Coronavirus. On how it can cause an economic collapse. I also spoke about that the warning could be close and how I felt the next two years were going to be rough.
The last post I quoted a message that I received  from Jesus on November 6th (2019). He said that the world was about to enter into Tribulation. And I believe we have entered into its begining and that next year is going to be worse than this year.  I don't mean to bring down anyone with gloom and doom but I do believe that we have truly entered into some apocalyptic times.
I believe these are the times before the warning and that unfortunetly these next few years are going to be years of Chastisement and warning. We must pray to keep our faith strong because right now we are going through a famine. A Eucharist  Famine. As many of you know many Catholic Churches are closed and unable to celebrate Mass.
I believe its going to be like this for a few months and that we must be prepared for more things to roll out. I do have some fears and concerns. Many of you remember that I received Prophecies about Marshall Law in this country. I believe that we can be headed for that. The stores remain closed and work remains closed. If violence breaks out I believe that certain states will call for Marshall Law.
We must be ready and pray and trust in God during these dark times. Because I believe we have entered into the biginning of the Great Tribulation. Where all hope may seem to be lost...this is just the beginning of the storm. And, the storm will get greater! But just know that when the warning comes it will be a warning for all mankind to Illuminate Our Concience. But it will also be a warning of Gods Mercy. Showing us that God has never abandoned his people.
Through Gods His light that will shine this is a trial that we must go through as a country and for the world. Other countries have been through things like this before.  Shutdowns, lockdowns, they have all  been through it, throughout their existence but we haven't. It is very difficult for us to adapt because we have never seen anything like this before.
I don't want to bring up Chastisment or punishment. I know nobody likes to talk about it but I do believe that this is a punishment or some sort of Chastisment. God doesn't like to punish, God hates to punish his people or see his people parish. But if the country turns away from God, if the country does not come back to God or heed Gods warnings or keep its Commandments or has any appreciation for life...than Chastisement and punishment will follow.
I spoke about this through the summer. I spoke about the consequences of abortion. A long time ago God warned me that this country would lose its prosperity if we didn't respect life.
Look at New York City what it did a couple of months ago. It passed a bill allowing Full Term Abortion the final week of delivery.  And the politician that voted on it was Andrew Coumo. Unfortunately he is a Catholic. I am not wishing death upon anyone but look how bad New York has been getting hit and California has been getting hit hard with this virus.
There is a bit of good news in Argentina as it is a very Catholic Country. Somebody took a picture and the Blessed Mother who appeared in the sky. These people were praying that the Blessed Mother would protect them...from the Coronavirus in the country. Maybe we need to increase the Chaplets of Divine Mercy. Than maybe this virus will subside.
God will get us through the darkness.
But my brothers and sisters expect more darkness to come. Sometimes it is the darkness before the dawn.  Sometimes God needs to strip us away from our freedoms and our concience in order for us to rely on Him...and be on our knees. Even if your not Catholic read your Bible, because God will comfort you during the beginning of the Great Tribulation.