The Antichrist will Come

By Miscellaneous Messages

July 7, 2020

Message from God the Father to John Mariani

Dear Readers
I was in the Chapel and was called upon God the Father and this is what he said.
My child as you know there is a spiritual battle going on in every aspect for the world to enter into a new era. But first the world must go through a purification and enter into a climax. My plan for the world is aligning just like the stars are aligning in space.
There are less and less believers every day.  Many children are being born not knowing of their salvation which I planned for them...they are being taught to live for themselves. For many years I have let my people live by faith alone without seeing...but now the world doesn't even have faith.
There will be a great whaling, there will be famine and it will be hard to find a crust of bread. When the warning comes the silence which I have spoken of will be broken and there will be no question that I exist.
After the warning mankind will be on the straight path for awhile but than the chaos of the world will consume mankind. The terror which is about to befall the world will overwhelm them. And they will complain and cry out like the Israelites did. That is when the Anti-Christ will come and say that he has the solution to the worlds problems.
At this time the church will be small and many Priests faith will be weak and they will follow this man and leave the faith.