Civil Unrest & Civil War

By Miscellaneous Messages

June 21, 2020

Dear Readers
There are messages in my Archives on the Website. Its about the Prophecy the Lord gave me on "Civil Unrest" and "Civil War".  I believe sooner or later civil war will soon be upon us. To me it is already brewing.
Everything that the Lord told me is starting to unfold just as he said when I was a teenager. To me its very sad in that it gives me confirmation that what God has told me is truly from Him and not from myself, but yet my soul is heavy seeing all this.
I want everybody to pray for me that I can be strong while things continue to unfold. I haven't received any messages of late but I feel within my soul that the times are getting close. And, that we must pray for each other.
I believe that this is a time that we should give thanks for what we have right now. Today, thank God for each day...yes the storm is beginning but there is more to come and there will be more to see. I believe the time is coming when we will see this Country torn apart by civil war like the Lord told me.
I do believe "Black Lives Matter" and I also believe that "All Lives Matter", not just black lives. I believe that movement is going to cause division between blacks and whites which is what the movement is intended to do. Not to cause unity but to cause division.
There are some good people in the group yes, but believe that George Soros wants Black Lives Matter to expand more than it is now.  And, we must pray to God for unity in this Country because the Gospel of Jesus says that a country that is divided  will not stand.
During the Corona outbreak everyhing was open but the Churches were not allowed to be open as they were considered non-essential. But, what was considered essential was abortion. Abortion clinics were allowed to be open and abortions were allowed to be performed.
My brothers and sisters the only way this Country will have peace and prosperity again and will not be divided is if abortion stops. I've said it many times before. The Blessed Mother has said it many times before. 
Now I believe that our Country is paying the penalty because we continue to murder the unborn. And, our Country will be on its knees, unfortunately. I don't mean to be doom and gloom but I believe it to be the honest truth.
We must continue to pray the Chaplet of the Divine Mercy that our politicians continue to see the light. As long as there is abortion there will continue to be anarchy and chaos. All these things are a punishment from God because we continue to murder the unborn. And, God does not want this to happen.
I believe that the sins of this Country is beginning to offend God so much that he is beginning to remove his protection from us. And that is why the Prophecy that the Lord told to me is starting to unfold.
I believe that the warning will be approaching soon and it will be one thing after another. I don't mean to scare anyone. I never wanted these Prophecies...they just came to me.  
The things that God told me I believe were a warning of what could happen if people do not repent. Some of these things is Gods must happen in order for the warning to take place. 
Do not give up hope. Pray the Rosery for peace in the world and most of all Pray that you can find peace within yourself and peace with God.
The only peace that you will be able to find during these times is peace with God. Its the only true peace and God is the only one that will satisfy your sadness and your dispair.  
I'll pray for you and you pray for me! God Bless.