A New ‘Word’ From ‘1990 Prophecy’

By Miscellaneous Messages

March 27, 2020

The following is a prophetic word published on SpiritDaily.com.  I recommend you read the entire article found at


Micheal provides a great overview of the previous messages from the anonymous visionary leading up to this latest, and very important, message.

The following is the latest message:

“This is the time written about by the seers of today and the prophets of long ago. Before all, the landscape will change. No longer will men command the forces around them. In the sky will be written the dangers of the day, and on earth will be the fear of misery as the ultimate plague. Only when men treat God for Who He is will events so foretold ease and the earth settle in the purity of love and obedience, in safety and harmony. Without obedience, the whole of hell will be unleashed and the warring spirit of men unchained. In your heart, see God for Who He is and what good He brings — the joy that can be yours even in consternation.”