The True Catholic Church Will be Very Small

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October 9, 2020

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Message from Jesus to John Mariani

Dear Readers

The other day I was watching the YouTube video by Taylor Marshall it was about the Popes latest Encyclical. To me there was a lot of errors in it. I called up a friend and discussed my disappointment and this person said that your not allowed to question the Pope. So many people listen to authority without discerning it.

But to me a Pope is only correct on faith and morals. If he is outside of faith and morals we don't have to listen to the Pope if he is incorrect. Only on faith and morals is he infallible. 

I expressed my concern to the Lord. I said Lord I am sorry if I persecuted the Pope today. Jesus spoke to me when I was before my Tabernacle in my Chapel and this is what he said.


My child the Church is going through the final purification before the warning. The Blessed Mother told you two years ago that there was going to be confusion within the church because the closer the warning approaches the smoke of Satan will continue to reveal itself within the Church and more confusion shall arise. That is why the Blessed Mother instructed you to go out and teach the True Faith.    

The time is coming that you must pray that My Priests stand with the truth...the truth which comes from Sacred Scripture and Sacred Tradition. Many of my Priests listen to authority without discerning if it is true. So many Priests will have to make a choice, there will be a split in the Church. Like I have told you before the time is coming when I am separating the sheep from the goats.  

There will be good Priests and bad Priests. Priests that will follow My ways and Priests that want to follow the ways of the world.  Pray for my Priests so they my discern what is true and what is false? It is only through a deep prayer life you will be able to see and discern what is true and what is false?

When you have a deep prayer life the darkness which blinds the Soul is lifted and the Holy Spirit enlightens the Soul to discern what is true and what is false.

Please pray for your Spiritual Director also. The time is coming when there will be a remnant Catholic Church when the true Catholic Church will be very small.

I tell you,  please pray for my Priest as more confusion is coming. Many Priests will fall away and listen to the lies.


Thank you my brothers and sisters.
I will write again next month.