Nuclear War is Coming

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Steve, a faithful Catholic in England

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Nuclear War November 2020

  1. How the War Starts

 A protestant pastor in Kentucky, Dana Coverstone, had a series of dreams in late 2019 about the COVID plague and riots that later came true in 2020. After this, he had other dreams that appear to corroborate Fr. Michel's visions.(see links at end of text) Coverstone saw that in November 2020 intense riots erupted throughout the USA, eventually leading to intervention by the United Nations forces that included Russian and Chinese troops.

The information from the two men presents a very plausible military scenario.

Essentially this: Leftist militants riot in October to influence in their favour the outcome of the November 2020 election. However, it seems the preferred candidate of the militant leftists does not win the presidency and they experience a major disappointment. The militant leftists respond with a huge surge of violent attacks, riots, & looting, which escalates to such an extent that US authorities declare nationwide martial law.

According to Fr. Michel when martial law is declared, Iran and North Korea, who are allies, decide to exploit the situation and attack US bases on the periphery of America's military sphere of influence: the Persian / Arabian Gulf and South Korea, and Japan. Militarily this is a good tactic: to attack an enemy on its periphery when its centre or homeland is severely disrupted.

Apparently, the war in Asia escalates to such an extent that North Korea fires at least 7 ICBMS into the continental USA and the nuclear warheads detonate. It is reasonable to conclude that North Korea also uses nuclear weapons on US bases in South Korea and Japan. This is why Fr. Michel is urging people to go to confession before all this happens as they could unexpectedly lose their lives from civil unrest & nuclear strikes; or illness & famine in the aftermath.

In the aftermath of nuclear strikes in Asia and the USA, international cargo shipping out of Asia will be curtailed and domestic cargo & food shipments within the USA will be hindered. Transport disruptions will lead to severe commodity and food shortages, which explains why Fr. Michel urged people to store food AND water. Pastor Coverstone saw hungry people waiting in lines for food during the months of December and January. Food lines occurred nationwide. Many people were displaced from nuclear fallout downwind from the cities hit by nuclear warheads. These people were sheltered in shopping malls.

Fr. Michel told people to store water. The water needs to be stored to protect it from radioactive Iodine which is released in nuclear explosions and is water soluble. Iodine is absorbed by the thyroid gland. Radioactive Iodine will contaminate reservoirs downwind from the nuclear strikes.

Overall, we have information from two other credible sources warning of plausible domestic civil unrest that is exploited by two foreign military enemies of America: Iran & North Korea. Both men point to the same time frame: Autumn 2020.

The two men have a history of personal and spiritual integrity. As a result, their testimonies can be considered as truthful statements of their experiences.


Visions experience by a Steve a faithful Catholic in England

October 3, 2017
  1. How the War Ends.

 At work first thing this morning, I had a brief vision regarding the results of a war with North Korea (DPRK). I did not perceive how the war started. I only saw the end result.

China. Vision started with a view of the Chinese/North Korea (DPRK) border and the time was just after the defeat of the North Korean regime. China was reluctantly going to enter and occupy North Korea. Chinese leaders felt burdened with a mess created by the US, South Korea (ROK), and Japan. China had to enter DPRK because US, South Korean, and Japanese cities had been devastated by fire and those governments were focusing on domestic disaster recovery. The three nations were not economically or militarily capable of occupying or rebuilding DPRK. The whole mood in those three nations was mourning.

I perceived China did not want to enter DPRK partially for environmental reasons and was going to do so with only a limited amount of troops. I sensed that much of DPRK was uninhabitable (dead), but I did not perceive the source of the contamination. In other words, I did not / not perceive that DPRK was contaminated by radioactive fallout. Nevertheless, it could very well be that China’s reluctance to enter DPRK was because it was extensively contaminated with nuclear fallout but I did not perceive it.

South Korea. Next, I perceived South Korean leaders were both angry and mortified at the great fire that had caused so many casualties. They were angry at DPRK but DPRK had been extensively destroyed. Most of the leaders and much of the DPRK military had been destroyed. Only the impoverished people and low level soldiers remained who were not responsible for DPRK government decisions. It seemed that Seoul, ROK, had been devastated by fire and the ROK government was tending to its own people. I got the impression that while ROK leaders were concerned about DPRK civilians, aiding ROK civilians from the disaster on ROK soil took precedence over helping DPRK. Nonetheless, ROK send some aid to DPRK.

Japan. I also perceived that Japanese leaders were ashamed and humiliated that a ‘second nuclear attack’ had taken place in Japan. Japanese leaders were ashamed because they could not prevent the deaths of their citizens as they had hoped to prevent. Apparently, the missile interceptors did not work as hoped or there were too many missiles to intercept. I was confused because it was not clear as to whether two DPRK nuclear strikes had occurred against Japan or whether there was only one nuclear strike, which was historically considered a ‘second nuclear attack’ because the first attacks occurred in 1945.

Regarding the US. I perceived that the US Navy was very quiet about the outcome of the war. It seemed the missile defence systems had not worked as intended and Japanese city(ies) had been devastated by DPRK missile strikes. It seems there was a mix of DPRK nuclear and conventional missile attacks. I was not sure if any US ships were sunk by DPRK.

At home in the USA, many cities were devastated, and people’s reactions ranged from numbness, disbelief, outrage, & fear. It seemed Vice President Pence was speaking for the government. I did not perceived what happened to President Trump. I saw VP Pence was speaking at a podium on behalf of a wounded nation. He indicated something to the effect that the US would be focusing inward on healing its people at home and that while it had hoped to still lead the world, it had to be humbly acknowledged that US was no longer capable of leading the world. VP Pence and US leaders were stunned and in disbelief that DPRK could & did wreak such havoc on the world. They were in disbelief that they had misjudged US / allied capabilities and that the US nation was hurt so badly. The overall feeling was woundedness; the US was overwhelmed with many civilian casualties and a humanitarian disaster.

Russia. Russia had stayed out of the war and now found itself as a powerful nation along with China. China had inherited the mantle of global leadership and would reshape the globe to suit its interests.

That was all perceived in a brief vision of the region in Asia and the USA.


III. Aftermath of the War

  • May 9, 2018 Evening Eucharist Adoration

Pyrrhic US Victory over North Korea. At the end of Eucharistic adoration, I had another vision about the results of the Korean conflict that I had previously witnessed on October 3, 2017. The new vision related some of the international implications of the conflict. The new vision occurred during adoration and had the characteristics of the earlier vision, so I do not think it was a deception by evil spirits.

The vision opened with a view of the city of Seoul, South Korea, and that the city was in ruins. The number 500,000 came to mind. Some people of Seoul were still in the city but others had evacuated. The people were advised by the authorities to be careful and avoid any unexploded artillery shells.

  • I believe the ruins were caused by North Korea artillery shells impacting on the city. The number 500K could be number of artillery shells fired at Seoul or the number could refer to the number of South Korea casualties caused by the artillery shells.

Next, the South Korean government wanted the US troops to depart South Korea. There was no longer any need for US soldiers to be in South Korea because the North Korean leader was dead, the North Korean army was defeated, and the two ‘brothers’ (North and South Korea) would cooperate to rehabilitate their country.

Radioactive Dead Zone. Ironically, the Chinese got what they wanted in that a buffer zone still existed between South Korea and China. The buffer zone was a large area of radioactive contamination in North Korea that was the residue of US nuclear strikes, which were in retaliation for North Korean nuclear strikes on cities in the continental USA. The US had retaliated with nuclear strikes on many North Korean targets.

The radioactive contamination in North Korea was extensive. The fallout created a ‘dead zone’, which acted as a buffer to separate South Korea from China. While the ‘radioactive dead zone’ was not good environmentally, the Chinese viewed the ‘dead zone’ from a political-military perspective as a fortunate turn of events.

China Now Rules Asia. The US military presence in Asia was being downsized. The destruction of several US cities by nuclear strikes severely damaged the US economy.  As a result, the US could no longer afford to fund the costs of a large overseas military presence. 

Even though the US was considered to have a military victory over North Korea, it was a pyrrhic victory because the US had to pull out of Asia and to cede control to China.

The Asian nations capitulated to China’s military and economic power. Asian nations turned their backs on America for two reasons: 1) America could no longer live up to its security guarantees; 2) No nation wanted to be suffer nuclear attacks like Japan and South Korea experienced. The Asian nations blamed the US for causing such destruction in those nations. As a result, Asian nations asked the US to leave bases in their countries. Thus, China gained control of Asia.

European Military Footprint Shrinks. Separately, in Europe, the US military footprint was shrinking but not as dramatically as in Asia. This was partly because of cultural ties between Europe and America.

Russia later exploited this situation by invading Ukraine and taking back control of the entire country. Russia knew that the US and NATO had neither the economic capacity nor the political will to defend Ukraine.

After witnessing the nuclear devastation that occurred in the Asian conflict, no NATO nation wanted to risk being damaged or destroyed by Russian nuclear missile strikes. Russia knew this and seized control of Ukraine knowing they could easily crush the Ukrainian army and would not be opposed by NATO.

European Union Flag – Torn Apart at the Seams. After this vision, I was very tired and went to bed. While dozing off, I very clearly saw the blue European Union flag with the gold stars. I saw that the seams of the European Union flag were torn apart.

Next, I saw in another vision the meaning of the torn EU flag. I saw that as a result of the conflict on the Korean peninsula the European Union was ‘torn apart by the seams’. It meant the individual nations of the European Union were irreconcilably divided on US military presence in Europe and were deeply afraid of the US starting a war with Russia that would result in nuclear attacks on targets in European nations. Thus, some European nations demanded that the US remove their military bases. As a result, the US military footprint in Europe declined somewhat but did not go away entirely.


  • May 12, 2018 Evening Eucharist Adoration

North Korea Fires Nuclear Missiles at America.

Just before falling asleep, I saw 7 missiles being launched.

Blessed Mother said “Pray that they break up or are disrupted in flight.” I had the sense they were North Korean nuclear ICBMs being fired at the USA.


  • May 25, 2018 Morning Prayers

Racial War in America. This morning during adoration I saw that as a result of the nuclear attacks on US cities in America; many minority racial groups in the USA felt that the ‘white racial group’ was responsible for the conflict and were also weakened by the attacks.  As a result, minority groups would feel emboldened and would begin to push white people out of their neighbourhoods, increase attacks against white people and increase theft of their property. This will be the result of a perceived decline in the strength of the US national and state governments.


  • June 1, 2018

Visions of European War, Collapse of European Union, & Stripping Away of Church Traditions

I saw that in period just ahead the war in Asia occurs, the U.S. destroys North Korea but is forced to cede control to China.

Next, I again saw that many countries in Eastern and Central Europe were ripped away from alliance with the European Union and politically shifted eastward to appease Russia. These nations were terrified of being caught in the middle of a nuclear war between Russia and America that they perceived the U.S. was trying to provoke against Russia. They wanted no part of such a war and clearly broke away from the European Union and shifted their allegiance to Russia. It seems that Russian agents and money had infiltrated these nations and provoked much of the disturbances and angst that that generated sufficient fear for the nations to abandon alliance with the European Union and America.

I sense that Russia invades Ukraine during or after the time when the Central and Eastern Europe countries break with the European Union. Jesus showed me that during this time the church’s traditions would start to be stripped away, just like Jesus was stripped of his garments on top of Golgotha as shown in the 10th station of the cross.


  • June 9, 2018 Saturday, Feast of the Immaculate Heart of Mary

After evening prayer, I fall asleep. Blessed Mother awakens me and communicates the following idea.

  • Three cities will be struck in your country. (New York, Chicago, Los Angeles). This will affect you profoundly. In your suffering, you will alleviate some of the pain of my son.”



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