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January 18, 2021

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John Lawrence Mariani

God is on Our Side

Dear Readers
As you know in my previous post before the last one I talked about the election. And unfortunatley Joe Biden will be sworn in as the 46th President of the United States.
My brothers and sisters back in 2016 Jesus said that Trump was in Office as an extention of God the Fathers Mercy. He said  that eventually the people who wnat the new world order will take over. And, that President Trump was in office to give us more time to prepare ourselves.
Now the time of Grace is over. I received a message from God the Father last night and he said that His arm is no longer being held back and even the Blessed Mother knows that the Time of Chastisement is due.
My brothers and sisters when President Trump was in office there were States that have allowed the most extreme abortion laws this Country has ever seen. Allowing to abort a child up to birth. "Its Sick!"
When the State of Massachusetts  over-rode Governor Charlie Bakers Veto on the Rowe Act. (Late term abortion). And now it is legal in this State to murder a child at nine months.
My brothers and sisters I know many of you are praying for Trump to get in and there were many Protestant Prophets praying for Trump to get in. But, unfortunately the Chastisement is upon us and with Biden as President the Nation as a whole deserves every bit of it. 
What we can do is stay Faithful Christians in Christ.  Stay strong in what we believe in, because the Biden administration will be extra harsh on Christians. I also believe there will be a lot of survaliance on Christians as I said before.
I am also upset with many of these Bishops that praised Biden to get into office. Shame on them. I believe a lot of these Bishops are high degree, high level, infiltrators of the Church who go into the Seminary to become Priests and come down with all these watered down Church Doctrines.
I pray for the Pope and I believe Pope Francis is also for the New World Order. And shame on these Bishops that focus on social justice, climate change and side with the Democrats instead of focusing on stoping abortion.
Do not lose faith in the Church because the Church is being purified and things are going to collapse pretty quickly but the Lord will triumph in the end. The Ilumination is coming. The Blessed Mother will be on our side. Don't get angry at the Bishops and just focus on your prayer life.
Stay strong as God is on our side. All we can do is Preach the Faith and prepare ourselves for the Lord to Come and I beleve we are going to see a lot of things happen real fast.
We need to hold on to the Rosary and console Jesus and just be ready. Pray to the Saints and don't fear as God will win in the end. If we believe in God we win Salvation!