The Gifts of the Holy Spirit

By Miscellaneous Messages

July 2, 2021

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John Lawrence Mariani

Inspirational Message given to John Mariani

I was going to write about the government and some of the prophecy's that are starting to become fulfilled, but I believe that the Holy Spirit guided me to write about Him.  His gifts and the power He can bestow.

As you know I was an ordinary man only 10 years old when God started speaking to me. I started to have apparitions in 2006. In 2007 I started to receive prophecy from God the Father.  And it was in 2007 / 2008 that I called to do my first healing service at the Immaculate Conception Church in Stoughton, Massachusetts.

The Lord told me that I would be doing healing services. I prayed over multiple of people some were slain in the Spirit, some claimed to speak in tongues, but I was very cautious at some of those at the healing services because the Bible says someone needs to be there to interpret the speaking of tongues.

The reason why I am talking about the Holy Spirit is you don't have to be a visionary or see the Blessed Mother or receive prophecy to pray over people.  You can call upon the Holy Spirit and pray over the sick. You have that right through your baptism and confirmation.

We are Apostles of Christ in this modern time.  Jesus was a visionary.  He saw God the Father.  He saw the future.  He saw everything and saw His own death. 

He sent out His Apostles to go out and heal the sick. Cast out demons.  Cure the blind.  Make the disabled walk.  And yet we as lay people...we can do the same. We just have to be open to the Holy Spirit and call upon Him and He will guide you. This is a time that we need an out-pouring of the Holy Spirit.

My brothers and sisters if you know anyone that’s sick and you believe in Jesus Christ, I want you to lay your hands on them and call upon the Holy Spirit. Just say "Come Holy Spirit" and He will come.  And you may also receive a vision. A word of knowledge.  You don't have to be a Padre Pio to have the gift.  The Holy Spirit wants to work through everyone.  He can always bestow the gift of healing upon anyone he chooses.

We should all be focusing on learning more about the Holy Spirit.  Gathering in groups and calling upon Him and praying over each other and giving each other healing of what’s broken in our lives.

We are the modern-day Apostles. Yes, we may not all be priests, but the Holy Spirit still works through who-ever He chooses.  The Bible says that God works through the many and the weak so I implore you to call upon the Holy Spirit. Get involved in the Life in the Spirit Seminar a Catholic Charismatic Movement.  They talk about all the Gifts of the Holy Spirit.

Lay hands upon each other.  Lay hands upon the sick.  The Holy Spirit wishes to work through everyone who is baptized in Christ.  You don't have to be a mystic or visionary or a great Saint.  The Holy Spirit is for all people in his yearning to work through vessels to show Christ’s love.  And he will guide you in what to say.

Thank You My Brothers and Sisters