The Trumpet of Judgement has been Blown

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May 24, 2021

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John Lawrence Mariani

Prophetic Dreams given to John Lawrence Mariani

Dear Readers for weeks now I've been in the hospital and have had (4) surgeries.  I won't go into details of my surgeries because its not the importance of this entry. 
The other night and night before I had two dreams. If you remember in the previous message I've received from God the Father and the Blessed Mother. God told me that "The Trumpet of Judgement has been Blown" throughout the world.  And the message from the Blessed Mother said that we are in the final hour before the Illumination of Conscience.
For two nights in a row I had dreams. The 1st dream I was at my mothers out in the field where God use to come to me a lot when I was a child.  An Angel appeared to me and in a loud voice shouted "Stock Up Now!" "Stock Up on Food Now!" the Angel repeated.  I woke up startled!
The next night I had another dream where the economy collapsed. The dollar crashed. The country went into Marshall Law. I saw the soldiers in black just like I did in 2014.
My brothers and sisters I believe that God is sending me a message that the Tribulation is getting really close. With the economic collapse approaching we really need to stock up on certain supplies if we are going to survive. Stock up on food(s) before its too late.
On my website I had link about different Emergency Food Suppliers you can choose. My advice for you is to have survival food on hand so when you need it you have it.
These two dreams that I've recently had haven't scarred me this much since the dream I had about Concentration Camps in our country. That's how I know? It was from God.
Please pray for me that I get better and that I am patient with the doctors. I am in the hospital at the moment where I am writing this. Pray for my patience and that I do what the doctors say for the best of my health.
Pray for me that I may continue to offer up my suffering for the conversion of the United States. Lets all do it together.  And, my brothers and sisters I believe these two dreams were the final call before the economy collapses and we are running out of time.
God Bless