We are being Reprogrammed

By Miscellaneous Messages

March 24, 2021

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John Lawrence Mariani

Message from the Blessed Mother to John Mariani

Dear Readers
Last night I received a message and the message I received last week was from the Blessed Mother. She said the world was in the final hours of (before) the Illumination of Conscious. The hour of Christian persecution is upon the world. The Blessed Mother said that she is no longer holding the Eternal Fathers arm back. And we must take refuge under her mantle.
Last night I was driving down the field where I live and I was praying to God the Father asking Him what I should do? Is my mission over? I have been going through a dark night of the soul.
I wasn't sure if I should still speak in Churches. I heard a voice inside my soul say. The time of speaking in Churches is over. The Church will not listen to you. You are fine doing in what your doing now.
A couple of years ago the Father told me that He would use me to spread His word on the website because the Churches would no longer listen. Also in this message He said The Trumpet of Judgement Had Been Blown throughout the world and that man has brought this upon itself.
My brothers and sisters the Hour of Judgement is upon the world and upon the USA. As you know if you had read my archives Jesus and the Eternal Father told me that before the warning came that Communism would arrive and that Democracies would collapse. We would have World Wide Economic Collapse. And that a New World Order would be established.
Our Religious Freedom will be persecuted and I believe we are in the beginning stages of that. As I have said before in the messages I've said before The Time of Grace is Running Out. That's what God told me a couple of years ago. I believe that the Window of Mercy is Shut.
During the message of the Eternal Father last night to me the Word was repeated again as he has done previously last year. That we are now in the Era of Chastisement.  That the world will go through one trial after another.
The warning is coming close. The time is coming where all hope will seem lost and darkness will cover the whole world. And that is when the warning will come. When the world is stripped from all prosperity and mankind is on its knees. That is when the rays of light will shine through the darkness...the Illumination.
This is the beginning of the purification. And we must get ready to stand up for our religious freedom because it is going to be persecuted. Are we ready for that? Are we ready to give our lives to Christ?
We must pray and ask ourselves. Will we stand with Christ and how great our faith is? And not only pray for us but for the Bishops, Cardinals, and the Priests throughout the world. As far as I'm concerned the Priests and Bishops have bowed down to the State and Government instead of practicing what they believe.
The New World Order has won in so many ways and the Church unfortunately is cooperating with them. We must pray for the Church and pray for ourselves that we can be ready for what is coming for horrifying things are about to take place that are going to test our faith.
Yes, back in the 1940's after World War Two people said "Never Again!" but we let that happen. Mankind forgets about these things. It is the ripple effect of sin that brings on Communism and Dictatorship. It is when we remove God that the world is taken over by evil men. 
The Lord permits these things because we removed Him from society completely. Everything that is happening now to this country, all the cancel culture, we deserve every bit of it.  
We must just watch and wait. Do not let these things cause fear in you... rather to stay close to the Blessed Mother's Mantle. Jesus will protect you. Just be ready to pray and die for him if necessary. Constant prayer of the Rosary will give you strength and the fullness to stand up for the truth.
Bring up your children in the faith with good morals that you have been brought up with in your life. Because the Government is trying to strip every bit of our culture we have been brought up...just strip it  away. And, reprogram us us to think something different.