Revelations for Your Discernment

By Miscellaneous Messages

January 2, 2022

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John Lawrence Mariani

All these revelations that I received are for your own discernment.

I don't know if I have written this before but the last part of revelation that I got from our Lord Jesus Christ was that famine was going to strike upon this nation and the whole world. There will be no more middle class just the rich. And there will be a One World Government which are written in the prophecies.

I have a feeling my brother and sisters that the Illumination of Conscious is getting close. One of the things the Lord has told me back in 2008 that before the warning comes that Russia would be awaken. Right now from what I've heard about what's going on between Russia and the Ukraine and other things says the warning is getting close. 

One of the other things that the Lord has told me that there will be a global economic collapse. If you look at the other prophecies in 2010 the collapse will start within a year and a friend of mine told me that its a sign of War. The days are getting darker so just know when the days are at there darkest that is when the Lord will reveal himself.  

The Lord had not revealed the date to me but I believe that the warning will be in the year 2023. He has not told me the dates but the events leading up to the Illumination of Conscience which are beginning to line up. Especially with the problems with China.

We should be ready not only physically but spiritually and pray and put God first in your life which even I had trouble doing. But I've been praying the Rosery in the Chaplet of Devine Mercy every day. I've had certain demonic attacks in my house since I've been praying.

Get ready as next year is going to be rough. The forcing of the vaccinations is helping bring in the New World Order and ushering in the Anti-Christ. But the warning will come fast before that. Before the warning there will be famine and an economic collapse. Prepare yourselves and pray to Jesus.

A long time ago Sister Faustina said to me to put a picture of the Divine Mercy on your door so, when marshal law is declared the soldiers will pass by your house. Remember to do that.

Continue to pray for me as I am still going through a difficult time and I will try to respond to all your emails to me. Just give me a little time and I will do so.