Famine Coming Soon

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January 24, 2022

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John Lawrence Mariani

Message to John Mariani

Dear Readers We have been thinking about everything that God has shown me and I'm seeing all kinds of fulfillment. I've been thinking about the Internment Camps especially.
Starting in Boston this month you won't be able to go anywhere into a restaurant to eat without a vaccination card. And I've been thinking about other things too. As I've said in my last posting I've mentioned Russia and many other things.
I've received a message four days ago and said Lord why did you show me all these things? And He said because I knew people would listen to you because of your suffering. And, He said this is what you were meant to do! This was your calling. Just hold on to the Rosary and I will help you carry this burden. He said things are going to unfold fast now.
I have continued to stock up every week on food. I believe that famine is coming soon like the Lord said in my last message.
Having the gift of prophecy is very burdensome and I put my messages out because the Lord wants me too. Sometimes I wish He never gave them to me.
I need you to pray for me too. To help me carry this burden because I can't do it myself.  I thank you for all your support and ask you to also pray for my webmaster because he is the one who puts the Lords messages out for me as I can't write, type or spell. So, keep Vinnie in your prayers.
And pray for me also as I need prayers every day as I'm going in for another surgery the middle of February. Pray that I make it through and nothing goes wrong because I am scared.
Thank You
John Mariani