I must allow a great test to come your way this year.

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April 25, 2022

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Message from Jesus to Manuela Strack as the Infant of Prague

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“Behold, I am calling you to prayer, sacrifice, and repentance lest this war enter the world! I call to prayer, sacrifice, and repentance with the prophets of the old covenant, with all the angels and saints of heaven. Listen to My Word, listen to My desire!

“If you follow my wish, my word, the judgment could pass you by as it did Nineveh. Dear friends, I want to save you. That is why I have come to you today. This, My word, is to go out into the world. No nation will be able to feel safe, not even the most distant one. Turn back!”

The “merciful Infant Jesus” adds:

“People gave Me the crown of thorns. The Father glorified Me. Look at my crown! People gave Me the cane to mock Me. The Eternal Father gave Me the scepter. This is the glorified cane. People gave Me the red cloak as a mockery. Behold, this is My glorified royal mantle.”

Supposedly the “baby Jesus” came closer to Manuela, saying: “Darkness will fall on the Church.” The Lord spoke to her, we are informed, of a misunderstood mercy that misleads many people.

Then again the “Divine Child”:

“I must allow a great test to come your way this year. Pray, pray with all nations! Pray for the Eternal Father’s mercy! This is your way out, your salvation.”