A Dream of the Warning

By Miscellaneous Messages

November 12, 2023

A Dream of the Warning

The following was a prophetic dream given to Tom J.  Thank you Tom for sharing this with us.
For your discernment:


I woke up early this morning, Thursday, Jan 20, 2022 (around 4 or 5 am) and asked Papa God to speak to me in dreams and then I went back to sleep. Later I had a dream, in which I drove up to a parking lot in front of a small open air snack bar. I think it was near the ocean on a ledge with about 30 or more steps to walk down. I started walking down the stairs. I started hearing people yelling "Get your camera". 

As I was about 6 steps from the bottom of the stairs. I looked to my right, I saw what looked like rainbows rings around the sun. Then many rainbow rings. With each ring closer to the earth and larger in diameter. It was bright and beautiful. With the sun in the center it looked like a giant cone pattern or shape. Then as I looked at the sun, I could see there were rays, like a laser beam. Each ray had multi-colors, rainbow like. These rays of rainbow lights each came from the Sun's center going through, connecting each of the rain bow rings. (kind of similar to tomato cages) These laser beams sparkled and were flashing and pulsing like the lights were alive and changing colors! 

I said 'Wow, it is so beautiful! I thought I had a camera in my car trunk. I ran back up the stairs to my car, but I could not open the trunk of the car. I went to the passenger door and tried to open it. I was struggling to get the key in, someone came up and said, "You don't get in the trunk that way, he opened the driver’s door, pressed a button and the trunk opened. As I walked over to the trunk of the car, I realized that this was the Warning! 

I thought. Hey, I have some books about it in the trunk. I grabbed a handful and started passing out booklets, saying "This is the warning, you can read about it here!”. People were rushing to get the books from me, but many others refused and just walked by. 

I went to a women at the store counter. She seemed to be frozen in Fear. I asked if she wanted a book, she made no response. Then I woke up. 

I asked Papa God, What is the meaning of this? I heard "It is the Warning, and it is very near." I asked Papa, What is the application of this? I heard, "WARN THEM!" 

A couple of weeks later, I asked the Lord, "Lord, I thought that the warning was supposed to be where everyone would see the state of their souls , as a judgement, before God?" (Like St. Faustina stated) He said, "This is a warning also!"