The Warning is Getting Close

By Miscellaneous Messages

September 8, 2023

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Message from Our Lady to John Mariani

Dear Readers
I got a message from the Blessed Mother on September 8th she came down with a Navy Blue Vail on and with her right arm raised to the to the heavens.
This is what she said... My child I want you to know that the Eternal Father is very pleased with you. As you know the warning is getting close and that God’s justice has fallen upon the country. 
This country is about to see things that has never been seen before and you must be prepared for the persecution of the Church.
You must pray for your bishops that they have a firm stance and belief in the Gospel. Tell my children that they must meditate on Christs passion every day. It is through doing this that you will be able to overcome the fear in the coming times.
And then she said my child I know you have been going through a lot but don’t let the little things of this world distract you and turn you away from my son Jesus Christ.
Offer up your struggles to me and I will help you get through it. Do not go into despair. Heaven loves you very, very much.
This was the first time I saw the Blessed Mother since 2020.