Message from Our Lady of Light

By Ned Dougherty

August 3, 2020

@ 1:45pm –
St Rosalie’s Eucharistic Chapel, Hampton Bays, New York

I come to you today as Our Lady of Light. I not only bring you the Light of the world that emanates from the Father in Heaven but also the Father’s Love for all of his children here on Earth.

Too little attention is paid in these End Times to the Everlasting and Eternal Love of the Father in Heaven for His children. As you proceed further and further into the End Times, it is most necessary for you as children of the Father in Heaven to understand that without the Father’s Love there is little reason for his children to exist as sentient and conscious beings created by the Father. As children of God without God’s love, certainly you would wonder why you even exist.

However, especially in these End Times, there are those among you who not only reject the Father’s Love but even reject His very existence. Hence, there are many children of the Father who have forsaken their God-given mission in life and have pursued instead a hedonistic and materialistic lifestyle with a void in their souls in which they have allowed themselves to disconnect from the Father in Heaven. Woe to those among you who have followed this path, especially those who do not return to the fold of the Father in Heaven prior to their return to the Eternal Realms.

Remember this – those among you who are in connection with the Divine Love of the Lord – you are on a spiritual journey here on Earth, more so than the physical journey with which you more readily connect. The spiritual journey here on Earth in the end is that part of your journey that opens the Gates of Heaven when you return to the Heavenly fold of the Father in Heaven.

My message to you today is very simple:

– Love your Father in Heaven above all things, above all others.

– Recognize that your very existence in essence is an existence that is fostered by the Father’s Love for you.

– It is the Father’s Love above all that gives you nourishment and sustenance to continue this difficult journey here on Earth.

When you arise in the morning, praise the Father in Heaven for the Love that He has bestowed upon you. During your days, fill your hearts, minds, and souls with the Love of the Father to get through your day. Partake of and bestow this Love to your family members and friends, for your loved ones can only benefit from you extending the Love of the Father in Heaven to all of God’s children.

Stop and think now. How is your world going in these End Times? How often do you see the Love of the Father manifested in your daily lives? Now more than ever before, there is not love but putrid hate fostered and festered by the evil one that is afflicting humanity in these End Times.

It is up to you the Powerful Prayer Warriors of the Father in Heaven to especially focus on spreading the Love of the Father in Heaven throughout your earthly world, especially in these End Times when the evil one is doing exactly the opposite. If you do not prevail, you will be allowing the evil one to have his way in these End Times.

But in the end, we know how it all ends, and the evil one is gasping his last breaths of anger and hatred through his minions, for he knows how it all ends. It ends with the anger and the hatred and all the negative energies of the evil one being wiped away from the face of the Earth in a Great Purification of humanity.

As Powerful Prayer Warriors, you must know now what is left when the demonic influence ends. What will be manifested in the end is God the Father’s Love for all of his followers, for all of his children.

Although the road is still long and difficult, celebrate now what you know in your hearts, minds, and souls that will be manifested in the end – God’s Love for His Children. God’s Love for all of humanity that acknowledges and bows to the Creator in Heaven.

So be it. Thanks be to God.

Message ended 2:03pm