A 2021 Good Friday Message

By Ned Dougherty

April 2, 2021

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Ned Dougherty

Message from Jesus of Nazareth

April 2, 2021@ 4:00 pm –
St Rosalie’s Campus, Bishop Ryan Village, Hampton Bays, New York

On this day – Good Friday – in commemoration of My Sacrifice on the Cross, I come to you as Jesus of Nazareth, for even though My death has already taken place on this anniversary of My actual physical death over 2000 years ago, I have not yet risen from the dead as Jesus the Redeemer, which will occur just hours from now on Easter Sunday in fulfillment of the Scriptures.

It saddens me that in the lifetimes of many of you, you have observed that the anniversary of my death is no longer observed by many of my brothers and sisters. In these End Times, fewer and fewer of you set aside this day, or even the three hours of My Crucifixion and Death on the Cross, to pray and meditate to discern the true meaning of the Cross and My Resurrection.

You know Me as Jesus of Nazareth today as My brothers and sisters had known Me 2,000 years ago as I physically walked the face of the Earth in fulfillment of the Scriptures, but I come to you today – not in physicality – but in the Spirit of Jesus of Nazareth – for I want you to know that I have never deserted the Father’s children, for I am constantly with you in Spirit.

During the past 2,000 years, I have continually experienced the agony and the passion of My Crucifixion and Death through my journey with you in which I experienced all the sins that have been committed by the children of the Father in Heaven. My continuous agony has been that – although I walked among your brothers and sisters 2,000 years ago and made all things new again – the sins of mankind continued and have worsened to the point now where My Return through the Warning and the Great Transformation is imminent to save mankind from the evil one and his minions who are now pursuing and planning a draconian new world order to enslave all of humankind under the dark powers of the evil one.

Therefore, My Return to humanity in these End Times is to intervene to stop the evil one with finality, and that event is also imminent, but only the Father in Heaven knows the date and time that the powerful events of the intervention will take place. Know this: You must prepare now for these events in these final years of the End Times.

Many of you are aware that this world cannot continue with this course of events that have been planned by the evil one and that have been implemented by the evil one’s minions.

The evil one’s minions must be stopped; they will be stopped. All of you Powerful Prayer Warriors must assist the Father in Heaven and His Son to thwart the plans of the evil one through your prayers and good works. But only the Divine Intervention of the Father in Heaven through His Son the Redeemer of humankind will bring about the end of all the evil on this Earth, and the renewal of a New Heaven and a New Earth, just as the Father had envisioned beginning with the Garden of Eden. Concentrate on this Good News as we approach Easter Sunday and once again the renewal of the Father’s promise to you as evidenced by the Resurrection of His Son, the Redeemer.

On Easter Sunday, I shall arise from the dead as Jesus the Redeemer, for with My Resurrection I fulfill the ancient prophecy that the Son of Man will redeem mankind and fulfill the prophecies of Eternal Life with the Father in Heaven.

Know this: Some of you will leave this earthly plane today or in the very near future; many of you will be here to experience the Warning and the Great Transformation of these End Times, and all of you who remain in the fold of the Father in Heaven will eventually arrive at the Heavenly Realms where you will experience the Majestic Vision of the Father in Heaven and His Son the Redeemer; the Beatific Vision of your Heavenly Mother; the Glorious Visions of the Angels and Saints; and the reuniting with your Loved Ones who have passed on before you.

This is the promise of the Father in Heaven through His Son as Jesus of Nazareth who lies now in the tomb and of Jesus the Redeemer who will arise again this Easter Sunday morning in fulfillment of the ancient prophecies.

So be it! Thanks be to God the Father in Heaven!

– Message ended April 3 @ 10:30 am