Messages from Heaven Resume!!!

By Ned Dougherty

August 15, 2022

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August 15, 2022 @ 7:15 pm
St Rosalie’s Parish Campus, Hampton Bays, New York

Message from Our Lady of Light

My dear son,

I have been praying for the return of your health, for I have plans for you to continue to discern my Messages from Heaven in these End Times. My messages to you are now even more important because of the times in which we are now, so it is most important that you continue in the good health that you have recently achieved. In future messages, I shall be sharing with you more of the secrets of the End Times so that you can go forth to your brothers and sisters to spread the Good News that you are being guided in these End Times by Your Heavenly Father, His Son and Your Redeemer Jesus, and by your Heavenly Mother.

Particularly, I want you to speak to your brothers and sisters who are citizens of the United States of America, for the Father in Heaven has endowed your nation with a special blessing to globally lead God’s prayerful warriors during these End Times in the final battle of Good versus Evil against the globalist minions of satan who dare to challenge the Father’s plan for all His children. Finally, the tyranny of the evil one will be smashed and destroyed, and satan and all his minions shall be banished from the face of the Earth.

So be it! Thanks be to God!

On this Feast Day of my Assumption into Heaven, I ask that you reflect on the shortness of your life here on Earth and the fragility of your earthly existence. In the end, you and your brothers and sisters can look forward to the release of your spirit from your body to transition from the earthly realm to the Heavenly Realm where you can more fully understand how I transitioned in both body and soul, as it had been planned for My journey by the Father in Heaven because of my role in the salvation of mankind as the earthly Mother of His Son, Jesus, your Redeemer.

Sooner rather than later, petition the Father in Heaven to permit Your Heavenly Mother to crush satan under my foot and eliminate all evil from the face of the Earth, sooner rather than later, for it is written in the ancient texts and spoken in my timeless messages that the “Woman Clothed with the Sun” shall crush the serpent and usher in a New Heaven and a New Earth.

Finally, I ask all Prayer Warriors to Pray! Pray! Pray! most powerfully by implementing the most powerful weapon in your arsenal – Your Blessed Mother’s Most Holy Rosary. The power of your praying the Most Holy Rosary is greater than any weapon that the evil one may utilize against God’s children. With the blessing of the Father in Heaven, your patriotic fervor and prayerful resolve should be the only weapons necessary to defeat satan’s minions – the communists, Marxists, and global elites, who you must weed out from your ranks.

So be it! Thanks be to God!

Message ended 7:46 pm


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