A Message to the People fo the United States

By Ned Dougherty

June 1, 2024

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Message from Our Lady of America

St Rosalie’s Campus, Hampton Bays, NY @ 12:00 pm

I come to you today as Your Lady of America, for I wish to convey to you the importance of your understanding that I have been gifted through the Father in Heaven and His Son Jesus Christ to bestow upon America the Blessings of the Heavenly Realms in recognizing that the Father in Heaven specifically designated that the Unted States of America would become a source of inspiration to the Peoples of the World to recognize that the Constitution and the Bill of Rights of the United States of America have been inspired in their passage by the Father in Heaven who at the time directly intervened in the affairs of mankind to infuse within humanity a plan of living in a righteous nation that owes its very existence to the Father in Heaven.

For the Father in Heaven intended that the United States of America would be a beacon of hope to the Peoples of the World to recognize that the Father in Heaven and the Heavenly Realms – which is your home – do exist to oversee your activities here on Earth.

Now, more than ever before, it must be evident to you that the evil one and his works also do exist and that as you have recently seen in your own political affairs the evil one is exercising draconian controls over many of you who have become minions of the evil one – of satan, lucifer, and all of the demons who have been cast into hell.

Stop now and think!

Is it not obvious to you that the hand of the Father in Heaven has been guiding certain of your leaders while the evil one remains in control of others who have recently seized control of your Federal government in a corrupt and stolen election? And now those very evil minions of lucifer and satan are attempting to destroy the works of the Father to finally reduce the nationality and sovereignty of your nation to a feudal state of the Marxists, communists, and radicals who are now in control of your nation.

I have been warning all of you – time and time again – in these Messages from Heaven that the evil in your world is self-evident, and the minions of satan who are channeling this evil are the Global Elitists who are the servants of lucifer who are hell-bent to destroy the democratic principles of the Republic of the United States of America so that they can surreptitiously crown lucifer as the ruler of the whole world.

Alas! They shall not prevail! Thanks be to God!

There will be an intervention in the affairs of mankind from the Heavenly Realms that will separate the chaff – the followers of Satan – from the wheat – the Powerful Prayer Warriors of the Father in Heaven. Satan and his minions will be defeated in the end. But your cooperation in acting for the Father in Heaven is essential to assure that all that is good becomes the victor over all of humanity to assure that the evil of the world will be cast with finality into the pits of hell!

So be it! Thanks be to God!

Know your place in humanity and take up arms and pray powerfully that Good prevails with finality over the evil of the world. Your Father in Heaven; His Son the Redeemer, Jesus Christ; Your Heavenly Mother and all the Angels and the Saints command you in these times to become the Powerful Prayer Warriors you are intended to be.

For this is the Final Battle! This is the Final Hour!

Are you going to rise to your proper place in the future of humanity here on Earth or will you ignore what is evident now?

The evil one is attempting to gain final and complete control over planet Earth, and the evil one must be stopped now!

Where will you be in this battle of the End Times?

Message ended 12:23pm