Message from Our Lady to Angela

By Our Lady of Zaro

May 8, 2017

This evening Mother appeared as Our Lady of Fatima.

Mother was all dressed in white, the edges of her dress were golden and a large white mantle was wrapped around her. On her chest Mother had a heart of flesh surrounded by thorns. Mother's arms were open in a sign of welcome. In her right hand she had a long holy rosary of light. In her left hand she had a large white rose, very open and some petals were falling from her hand. Mother was sad. Her feet were resting on the rock where there was a large carpet of roses.

May Jesus Christ be praised

"Dear children, thank you that this evening you have again welcomed and responded to this call of mine.

My dearest children, I weep, I weep for all that is happening in the world and I am very sad to see that so many of my children are turning away from the truth to follow false doctrines and the false beauties of this world.

Little children, this evening I again come to ask you for prayer. Pray without ceasing, make your life a constant prayer.

My children, hard times await you and I suffer on seeing that despite my continuous reminders you remain indifferent.

Children, if I am here it is because I want to save you, I want the whole world to be saved.

Little children, this war that to many seems so far away is at the gates, the whole world will be involved and humanity will suffer serious consequences; there will be a long period of darkness and many tribulations."

At this point I saw various parts of the world affected by war, famines, illnesses and scenes of horror and suffering. Mother resumed, saying:

"This horror is not God 's work, this is not what God wants, but what man provokes when he believes that he is powerful and wants to take God's place. All this happens because men have lost faith, prayer, love..."

Mother was weeping and said:

"Please children, do not betray me, I am your mother and I love you.

I love you, I love you immensely and I pray for each of you and for your every need. I am next to you and I comfort you, please listen to me!

Little children, in a few days, the centenary will be celebrated of one of my most important apparitions for the whole of humanity. On that occasion, all consecrate yourselves to my Immaculate Heart, disclose this great desire of mine. It is important that every child of mine consecrate themselves and say their own "yes". Please children, do not fail [to comply with] this appeal of mine, it will help you. Now you cannot understand, but later everything will be clear to you.

I await you with open arms, do not fail! I bless you all."

In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.