Message from Our Lady to Simona

By Our Lady of Zaro

May 8, 2017

Message of Our Lady of Zaro dated 08.05.2017 given to Simona


I saw Mama, she was dressed in a dusty rose dress, a white veil on her head, a green mantle that went down to her bare feet posed on the carpet of roses that were on the rock; her arms were open in a sign of welcome. 

May Jesus Christ be praised 

"Behold I come to you my children as the queen of heaven and earth, the mother of all peoples, and as a mother I come to ask you again for prayer.

Children, I come to you to lead you by the hand to my beloved Jesus.

My children, open your hearts, tend your ear to the voice of the Lord who calls you to save you. Children, only in Christ Jesus is there life, only in Him is there hope.

My dearly beloved children, let yourselves be guided to the love of Christ, let yourselves be led to true salvation.

My children, do not harden your hearts, and do not stop your ears to my requests; pray, my children, pray, hard times await you. Behold, the sky grows dark and the ground breaks open, the noise of war is heard getting ever stronger, ever closer. My children, my beloved Jesus will be crucified anew, and my heart will be torn with pain, it will be broken.

Pray, my beloved children, hold the Holy Rosary tightly in your hands.

Children, this earth is increasingly seized by evil, evil spreads in it, fills the hearts of the peoples, clouds their minds; only those who are firm in faith and strong in prayer are not confused.

My beloved children, stay with me so that I can cover you with my mantle and protect you; do not turn away from me, do not follow false prophets who promise you the ephemeral happiness of this corrupt world. Only in Christ is there life, only in Him is there hope, love, joy.

My children, learn to pause in front of the Blessed Sacrament: my Son is alive and true and awaits you.

Only in Him is there salvation!

Now I give you my holy blessing. Thank you for having hastened to me."