Message from Our Lady to Simona

By Our Lady of Zaro

August 8, 2018

Message of Our Lady of Zaro to Simona, August 8, 2018
I saw Mother: she was dressed all in white; on her head was a delicate veil studded with golden dots and the crown of twelve stars, around her waist a golden belt, a cloak that enveloped her going down to her bare feet that were resting on the world. Mother's hands were joined in prayer and between them she had a white rosebud; the bud was losing petals that were falling on the world at Mother's feet, and some of these petals touching the world were tinged with red as if of blood, but although the bud lost many petals it did not shrink or lose its beauty. Mother's face was sweet, and she had a slight smile as if to hide the sadness that came across from her gaze.

May Jesus Christ be praised

"Dear children, the Lord God pours out many graces upon you; open your hearts and be ready.
My children, learn how to ask with prayer in love and humility, not with arrogance and presumption, and what is good for you the Lord will grant you.
My children pray, pray for my beloved Church, pray; behold, a black shadow is over it, surrounds it, covers it, suffocates it; my children, the darkness, the shadows are in it."
Scarcely had Mother said this when I started to have a vision: in the world there were various scenes of war, of destruction, many due to natural disasters such as earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes, volcanic eruptions, then as if a civil war that split Italy in two, and a strong earthquake that ended up by dividing it: so much pain and suffering.
In St Peter's Square a great struggle: dead and wounded people, many priests and bishops were lying dead or badly wounded on the steps of St Peter's, then a loud roar and the dome is torn apart and thick black smoke comes out, the ground begins to shake ever more strongly. And in a corner of the square some people of different ethnic groups and religions cling to each other and hold hands and start praying forcefully, clutching the Holy Rosary in their hands and everything stops: evil disappears, the screams and pain, the dead are gone, a great peace reigns and a single prayer is heard rising to heaven.
Then Mother resumed.
"Only by being united in prayer can evil be remedied; only through mutual love can harmony be restored. Pray, my children, pray that love and peace might triumph in hearts and in the world.
My beloved children, be bearers of peace, be lamps of love that burn for the Lord.
My beloved children, learn to say to the Lord "Thy Will be done" and learn to accept it.
My children, pray, pray, pray.
Now I give you my holy blessing.
Thank you for having hastened to me."