Message of Our Lady of Zaro to Angela

By Our Lady of Zaro

August 8, 2018

This evening I first saw Jesus, he appeared in a great light.

He had a white robe and was climbing Calvary with the signs of the passion. The crowd around him was as if divided into groups. There were those who insulted and beat him while others were silently walking behind him. Jesus was tired and fell, as if bent at his knees. His body was covered with marks, his feet bare and a thick, heavy piece of wood on his shoulder, which he found hard to drag.

Then it was as if the scene stopped and Jesus spoke to me:

"Daughter, this is my continual suffering and my daily passion that I suffer because of the continual ingratitude that men have towards me. This is what I live every day because of your sins and insolence."

Then Mother came, she was all dressed in white, the mantle that enveloped her was also white and it covered her head too. On her head Mother had a queen's crown, in her right hand a long holy rosary of light that almost reached her feet. Her bare feet were placed on the carpet of flowers. Mother had a tear running down her face. Her arms were open in a sign of welcome.

May Jesus Christ be praised

"My dear children, thank you that this evening you are again here in my blessed woods to welcome and respond to this call of mine." As she was speaking, tears ran down and touched the flowers.

"Dearly beloved children, tonight I am again here among you to beg for prayer. Prayer for my beloved Church and for the Vicar of Christ.

Children, pray for the Church and for each member that belongs to her.

My children, the Church runs grave dangers and precisely those children of mine who profess their great love for her so much, will be the first to betray her. Many of them are disguised in light, but stagger in the darkness; many professing Christians will turn their backs and deny their own faith.

My children, there will be a great schism and great persecutions, but I beg you not to turn away from the truth - draw strength from the Word and from the Eucharist.

Pray for priestly vocations, the Church needs strong knees that know how to adore Christ.

My children, I weep for you and for all that awaits you. Unfortunately you are living in difficult times, you are living in a world that no longer knows the word 'love'. This evening I ask you to love each other as I love you, I ask you to forgive, I ask you to be humble because only then can you know love.

Children, the weapon that defeats evil is the prayer of the holy rosary; I have been asking you for some time to animate prayer cenacles and make them flourish. The cenacles are the source that will help you in moments of darkness, they are light for your steps.

Children, the final battle will be fierce, and if you are not ready how will you manage to win it? The prince of this world will try in every way to divide and discourage you; fast and pray, but above all love, love without reserve."

Then from Mother's hands there came out rays of light of various colors that went and rested on some pilgrims present in the woods and on some members of the prayer cenacles.

Afterwards, Mother started speaking again:

"Daughter, I have given many graces, I have filled you with my love, I have fulfilled many prayer requests. Please, for the Cenacles, help me to make them shine with my love and explain to them how much I care. With the cenacle, I arrive in every house and bless your families. Families must be preserved, young people must be helped, the sick must be supported and I, with the prayer of the holy rosary, am present every time you invoke me. "

Then Mother blessed everyone.

In the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen