Message from Our Lady to Simona

By Our Lady of Zaro

July 2, 2018

I saw Mother; she had a dusty rose dress and a dark blue mantle, on her head a delicate white veil and the crown of twelve stars; her hands were joined in prayer and between them was a Holy Rosary made of pearls.

Her feet were bare and were resting on a rock beneath which there flowed a stream of clear water.

May Jesus Christ be praised.

"My dearly beloved children, seeing you here in my blessed woods fills my heart with joy. My children, I come to bring you Love, Peace, Joy, I come to ask you again for prayer, prayer for my beloved Church, for my favored sons.

My beloved children, once again I ask you to let yourselves be loved, to let yourselves be guided by the hand of Jesus; only in Him is there salvation, only in Him is there grace, only He can console your heart and give you the Peace you so long for.

Pray, my children, pray for all those children of mine who are far from my immaculate heart, for all those who seek peace on the wrong paths, for all those who are getting lost behind the false doctrines of this world; pray for all those who continue to crucify my Son with their behavior, pray, my children, for all those who do not love God.

My children, I love you and I want to see you all safe. My children, do not turn away from me, and let me cover you with my mantle, let me stay beside you, and in the most difficult moments of your life take you in my arms and lead you to the one true God, who loves you and awaits you with open arms; let me lead you to Christ who loves you with an infinite love, let me lead you by the hand.

My children, I love you and I ask you once again: let yourselves be loved.

Now I give you my holy blessing.

Thank you for having hastened to me."