Message of Our Lady to Angela

By Our Lady of Zaro

July 8, 2018

This evening, Mother appeared dressed all in white; even the mantle enveloping her was white, as if transparent, delicate, like a veil. On her head Mother had the crown of a queen and her arms were open in a sign of welcome.
Mother had a long rosary of light in her right hand. She was resting her feet on a carpet of flowers. Mother was smiling, but behind her smile she was hiding a great pain.

May Jesus Christ be praised

"My dear children, thank you that this evening you are again here to welcome me; thank you, children, that you are are here to entrust yourselves to and trust in the infinite mercy of God.
My children, this evening I am again here as the Queen of heaven and earth, I am here to touch your hearts and give you peace.
My children, this evening, as I have been for some time, I am again here to ask for prayer for my beloved Church and for my chosen and favored sons.
Little children, I ask you to help me in this arduous battle. The times are ripe and they are close; my Son has given you so much time and sent me to you, I who with love ask you every day to convert and listen to me. Many of you have accepted my call but have then walked away; so many turn to me only in times of need, while many others do not have ears for the things of God but only for what does not cost an effort. The road that leads salvation costs effort, while the things of this world are easy to reach. To arrive at salvation you have to go through Calvary, through the cross, and then you reach the resurrection.
Little children, seeing you turn away from me and from my Son causes me so much pain, but the thing that makes me suffer the most is knowing that many will betray me – yes, they will betray me as they betrayed my son Jesus.
My children, once again I ask you to be steadfast in the faith, to pray, to fast and to feed on Jesus every day, so that he might give you strength and create for you the armor of God's warriors;
children, I am preparing you for the great battle.
My children, the earth is overwhelmed by evil and this evil is covering everything. My heart is sad, and seeing all this suffering and hearing all these cries of pain makes me suffer so much. I am here to console you, I am here to help you and to lead you on the right path. I am here to hold you by the hand: stretch out your hands and let yourselves be guided, open your hearts and let me in. I am here for each one of you. I am your mother and you my children, let yourselves be loved."
Finally Mother asked me to pray with her, and then she blessed everyone.
In the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.