Message of Our Lady to Simona

By Our Lady of Zaro

July 8, 2018

I saw Mother: she was dressed all in white: on her head was a delicate veil studded with little golden stars and the crown of twelve stars, on her shoulders a white mantle that enveloped her and went down to her bare feet resting on the carpet of flowers. Her hands were joined in prayer and between them was a Holy Rosary made of light.

May Jesus Christ be praised

"Here I am, my children, I come to you to bring you the Redeemer.
Children, for some time now I have been coming among you, but alas, too many hearts are still closed, hardened, lost behind the falsehoods of this corrupt world and increasingly taken over by evil.
My children, here I am at the door of your heart; like a beggar I pray for a crumb of your heart, a shred of your love.
My dearly beloved children, give me your heart and I will give it to Jesus.
Beloved children, there is no greater love than to give oneself to Christ; He gave himself entirely for you.
My little children, let us make adoration together on our knees."
And then Mother opened her arms and the mantle enveloping her and, at the level of her womb, there was a monstrance with Jesus in the Eucharist emanating an immense light, so strongly that Mother could no longer be seen but only Jesus in the Eucharist; a myriad of angels appeared all around, kneeling and standing. With the censer they adored Jesus deeply with songs and praise. I adored Jesus in silence.
Then the light faded and the vision disappeared and there was only Mother once more.
"My dearly beloved children, He loves you and awaits you, give him your love. Let yourselves be loved, children, let me take you by the hand and lead you to Christ.
My children, do not harden your hearts, be like clay in the hands of the potter, let yourself be molded.
My children, all that you give to Christ He will give back a hundredfold, because not even a hair of your head will be wasted; you my children, all of you are important in the eyes of God and He knows you all by name and loves you.
Now I give you my holy blessing.
Thank you for having hastened to me."