Messages to Angela & Simona

By Our Lady of Zaro

March 8, 2018

Message of Our Lady of Zaro given to Angela, March 8, 2018
This evening Mother appeared as Queen and mother of all Peoples. Mother had a pink dress and was wrapped in a large blue-green mantle that also covered her head. On her head was the crown of a queen. Mother's hands were joined in prayer, in her hands was a long holy rosary of light. From the rosary there came rays of light that illuminated the whole woods and the people present. Mother had the globe under her feet; on the globe scenes of war and terror could be made out. Mother's eyes were full of tears, but she was smiling as if to hide her pain.
To her right was Saint Michael the Archangel with golden armor and a long spear in his right hand.

May Jesus Christ be praised

"My dear children, here I am once again among you to welcome you in my arms and give you peace.
Dearly beloved children, once again I ask you for prayer. Pray, children, always pray for peace that is more threatened by the powerful of this earth. Pray for families that are increasingly in danger and victims of the enemy who wants to destroy them. Pray, do not withdraw, do not make me suffer.
Unfortunately, many who call themselves faithful and Christians will deny the true faith in order to follow false ideologies. This is the time of the great battle, but do not be discouraged. Seek strength in the Eucharist, hold the holy rosary tightly in your hands and pray. I am with you.
My children, I ask you to follow Jesus, follow the Creator, not his creatures. Look at Jesus, love Jesus and trust in him. I am your mother and I pray for each of you and for your every need and necessity.
My children, the earth will yet shake, it will shake greatly."
At this point I saw Italy as if it were breaking into two parts, and St. Michael the Archangel holding his spear pointed at the earth. I kept seeing scenes of earthquakes and entire cities destroyed. Mother was praying and asked me to pray with her.
"My children, these are my blessed woods.This is the place that my Son has chosen for your salvation and for your conversion.This evening I give you many graces and touch every person who is here to pray.
Thank you for having answered this call of mine."
Finally Mother blessed everyone.
In the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.


Message of Our Lady of Zaro given to Simona, March 8, 2018
I saw [Our] Mother of Fatima, she was dressed all in white, with a golden belt around her waist, on her head the queen's crown and a long white veil with golden edges that went down to her bare feet that were resting on a cloud enveloping the world. Mother's face was sad.

May Jesus Christ be praised

"Peace to you, my children, let the peace of the Lord descend upon you, let it flood you, fill you, shape you, be your foundation: be like clay in the Lord's hands, let yourself be molded.
My beloved children, the Lord God loves you with an immense love; each one of you is important, every life counts, each of you has a special place in the heart of God; do not be afraid, my children, the heart of God is immense, there is room for everyone.
My beloved children, pray, always pray continually and constantly for my beloved Church, for the Holy Father."
While Mother was saying this, I started to see St Peter's Square; a crown like the one that Mother was wearing on her head was rolling down the stairs and in rolling was making a sinister noise. Then I heard a strong rumble like that of an earthquake, and St Peter's dome cracked open and out of it came an immense and thick black cloud of smoke that enveloped the whole square.
"My children, now evil has made its way into the Church. My children, when one of my favored sons falls, he drags along behind him many souls: pray that they would be good shepherds who know how to guard and protect the Lord's flock.
My dearly beloved children, pray, participate in daily Mass, feed on the Body of my Son, adore him in the Blessed Sacrameent; pray, children, hold to the sacraments.
My children, there is no sin that the Lord does not forgive if your repentance is true and sincere; do not fear, He awaits you with open arms, let him enter your life. He will lead you by the hand so that you would not fall, and will lead you safely to the house of heaven.
My children, I love you, let the Lord's peace descend upon you, say your "yes" to him with your heart, tell him your faithful and sincere "Here I am".
I love you, my children, I surround you all with my mantle.
Now I give you my holy blessing.
Thank you for having hastened to me."