Message from Our Lady to Angela and Simona

By Our Lady of Zaro

April 26, 2018

Message of Our Lady of Zaro, April 26, 2018, given to Simona
I saw Mother, she was all dressed in white; around her waist was a golden belt and on her chest a heart formed of light that gave off many rays; her arms were open in a sign of welcome, in her right hand she had a Holy Rosary that went down to her bare feet that were placed on a carpet of flowers. Mother had a calm face and a sweet smile.
May Jesus Christ be praised
"My dear children, I love you, and to see you here in my blessed woods fills my heart with joy.
My children, I come to you through the immense love of the Father who allows this.
I come, my children, to take you by the hand and lead you to Jesus, to help you, to comfort you.
I come, my children, to help you understand who Jesus is and how much he loves you, how important the life of each one of you is for Him.
My children, my beloved Jesus stripped himself of his divinity to be like to you except in sin, in order to be near you, poor among the poor, humble among the humble, little among the little ones.
He, true God and true man, made himself small in order to give himself to you, and he gave himself as bread - the best, simplest and most important food, the simplest thing for which all people ask and which none should lack; he became so small in order to be able to become part of your life, to be part of you.
My dearly beloved children, He loves you with an immense love, He stretches out his hand to you and waits with infinite patience for you to turn to Him, for you to grasp that hand and let yourselves be led safely to the Father's house.
My children, my beloved Jesus knocks like a beggar on the door of your heart, waiting for you to open it, waiting for you to give him a few crumbs of your time.
I love you, my children, I love you and I will never tire of saying that the love of the Lord is immense for each one of you, and that He will never tire of loving you. Now I give you my holy blessing.
Thank you for having hastened to me."

Message of Our Lady of Zaro, April 26, 2018, given to Angela
This afternoon, Mother appeared as Queen and Mother of all Peoples. Mother had a pink dress and a large blue-green cloak enveloped her, even covering her head.
Mother had her arms outstretched in a sign of welcome and in her right hand had a long white Rosary, as if made of light, that went down almost to her feet. Mother had bare feet that were placed on the world. On the world was the serpent with its mouth wide open; Mother was holding it firmly with her right foot. Its tail was shaking strongly, but it did not manage to move.
May Jesus Christ be praised
"My dear children, here I am once again among you. Dear children, thank you that you have responded in numbers to this call of mine.
My children, today I am again here among you to ask for prayer; I am here with you and I pray for you and with you.
Dearly beloved children, I pray with you and I bring your every prayer to my Son Jesus; I want your life to become prayer.
Dear little children, today I rejoice with you and give you peace. Children, in this world, disoriented and full of pitfalls, it is I who with my love and with my presence bring you to the heart of God.
Little children, prayer is [your] lifeblood, may you never lack the lifeblood of prayer, perfume your lives with God's presence; listen to me, I beseech you.
Little children, the children of God must be distinguished by that light and the love that I give you. Make your faces shine, make your lives shine, be distinguished by the things of God and not the ugliness of this world.
Little children, the prince of this world wants to overwhelm and to destroy every form of good and his greatest goal is the Church and families. Therefore I once more invite you to pray the holy rosary in your families. Form prayer cenacles and hold the chain of the holy rosary tightly in your hands: this is your weapon."
Finally Mother  touched and blessed all the sick and the people who have prayed for them.
In the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.