Message of Our Lady to Simona

By Our Lady of Zaro

September 26, 2018

I saw Mother: she was bathed in light, her dress was white and around her waist she wore a thin leather belt down her right side, on her head a white mantle that went down to her feet on which she was wearing simple leather sandals. In her right hand Mother had a simple stick.

May Jesus Christ be praised

"Dear children, I come to you once again by the infinite mercy of the Father, I come again to ask you prayer, prayer for those children of mine who are going away from my Immaculate Heart, for those who continue to betray me, for those who say they are Christians but are not, for those who continue to wound my beloved Jesus, for those who torment my heart.

My beloved children, I ask you once again to pray for my beloved Church.

My children, hard times await you.

My children, I beg you, let yourselves be loved.

My children, they are many who betray me and hurt me.

Children, evil hides in every dark corner, observes you and waits for you to be distracted to be able to catch you, make you stumble and fall. But you, my children, do not be afraid, I am always beside you ready to help you, ready to protect you. You, my children, strengthen yourselves with the prayer of th Holy Rosary, with the Holy Sacraments and with Eucharistic adoration; only thus, my children, will you have the strength to overcome every difficulty.

My children pray, pray to the Lord to send workers to his harvest, shepherds to lead his flock.

My children, again I beseech you: pray for the vicar of Christ, many grave decisions depend on him: pray, children pray."

Now I give you my holy blessing.

Thank you for having hastened to me."