Message of Our Lady to Angela

By Our Lady of Zaro

April 8, 2020

This evening Mother appeared as Queen and mother of all peoples. Mother was wearing a pinkish dress and a large green - blue mantle, which also covered her head. Mother had her hands folded in prayer, and in her hands a long white holy rosary, as if made of light. Mother's feet were bare and were placed on the world. Mother's face was sad but she was smiling at me, as if she wanted to encourage me.

May Jesus Christ be praised

“Here I am children, among you once more to ask you for prayer: prayer for this world and for all those children of mine who, despite my constant warnings, are far from God and continue to sin.

My children, how sorrowful, how painful it is to see that many are being lost through following the false beauties of this world.
My children, this is a precious time, do not let it escape from you. This is a time of conversion, it is a time of forgiveness and of returning to God.
My children, open your hearts to me and let me enter. Children, my Son died on the cross for you, for each one of you. He shed his blood for your sins and still sheds it whenever he is offended and insulted.

My children, pray in reparation for the sins that are committed against my beloved Jesus. Pray through his holy wounds, pray and bend your knees.
Children, my Son loves you and would give his life again for each one of you. God loves you, his love has no limits. His love is immense.
Children, when you feel alone, seek consolation in prayer, and at this time when you cannot feed on the body of my Son, do so spiritually several times a day."
Then Mother asked me to pray with her ... (We prayed for a long time together). Then I saw Jesus on the cross: he had the signs of passion, his wounds were bleeding. Mother said:

"Now let us adore in silence". After a silent pause, I entrusted to Jesus every prayer intention and all those had entrusted themselves to my prayers.
Finally Mother gave her blessing. In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.