Message of Our Lady to Angela

By Our Lady of Zaro

July 8, 2020

Tonight Mother appeared all dressed in white. The mantle that was wrapped around her and covered her head was also white, but as if transparent and studded with glitter. Mother had her arms open; in her right hand was a long holy rosary, white with light, and in her left hand she had a large white rosebud, which was gradually losing its petals, but without losing its beauty. On her chest, Mother had a heart of flesh crowned with thorns; her feet were bare and were resting on the world.

May Jesus Christ be praised

“Dear children, thank you that this evening you are again here in my blessed woods to welcome me and to answer this call of mine.
My children, if I am here in this blessed place, it is by the immense love of God, who wants you all to be saved.

My children, I have been saying to you for a long time: "Pray, love one another, form prayer cenacles, do not sin, love your neighbor as yourself". There have been many warnings and messages that I bring you every month, and there are many who love me and follow my advice. But alas, there are just as many who do not believe and who are waiting for a sign. Behold the greatest sign: I am among you!

Children, many have converted through the love that I have transmitted to them, many sinners have returned to God, leaving behind old habits, and they have started to follow my Son Jesus.

Children, these woods are a blessed place; they will become a place of worship, a small chapel will arise and then a large church. But God's times are not your times; do not be afraid, God always keeps his promises, and when the times are ripe, all this will come true. Pray!

My children, this rose that I have in my left hand represents the Church; the petals that are falling are my chosen and favored sons [i.e. priests] who fall because of their fragility. Please do not judge, but pray for them: they need so much prayer. The whole Church needs prayer. There will be dark times, but pray. In every prayer cenacle, pray every day for the Church."

Then I prayed with Mother and finally she blessed everyone.
In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.