Threatened by the Powerful of the Earth

By Our Lady of Zaro

October 26, 2022

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Countdown to the Kingdom

Message from Our Lady of Zaro to Angela

This afternoon Mother appeared as the Queen and Mother of All Nations. She was wearing a rose-colored dress and was wrapped in a large and wide blue-green mantle; the same mantle also covered her head. On her head was the crown of a queen. The Virgin Mary’s hands were clasped in prayer; in her hands was a long holy rosary, white as light, going down almost to her feet. Her feet were bare and were placed on the world [globe]. The world was shrouded in a great gray cloud. It was as if the world was spinning vertiginously, and scenes of war and violence could be seen. Mother had a beautiful smile, but her face was sad and worried. The Virgin Mary gradually slid part of the flap of her mantle over the world, covering it. May Jesus Christ be praised… 

Dear children, thank you for being here. Thank you for having responded once again to this call of mine. My children, if I am here it is by the immense mercy of God who allows me to be here among you. Dearly beloved children, today I am here again to ask you for prayer: prayer for this world that is increasingly enveloped in darkness and gripped by evil. My children, pray for peace, increasingly threatened by the powerful of this earth. [1] My children, pray the Holy Rosary every day, a very powerful weapon against evil. I am here to welcome all your prayer requests; I am here because I love you and my greatest desire is to be able to save you all.
Then Mother said to me: “Look, daughter.” Mother indicated a specific spot for me to look at; I saw images following on one after the other — it was like watching a film that was moving forward quickly. She showed me scenes of war, then the Mediterranean Sea. There were ships lined up. “Daughter, pray with me!” I prayed together with Mother, then she started speaking again.
Daughter, learn to fight evil with good; be light for those who still live in darkness. Let your life be an example for those who do not yet know God’s love. God is love, not war.
Then Mother extended her arms and blessed everyone: In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


↑1 “We think of the great powers of the present day, of the anonymous financial interests which turn men into slaves, which are no longer human things, but are an anonymous power which men serve, by which men are tormented and even slaughtered. They are a destructive power, a power that menaces the world.” (BENEDICT XVI, Reflection after the reading of the office for the Third Hour, Vatican City, October 11, 2010)