This is a Time for Prayer

By Our Lady of Zaro

January 26, 2024

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Countdown to the Kingdom

Our Lady of Zaro di Ischia to Simona on January 26, 2024:

I saw Mother: she was dressed all in white, with the crown of a queen on her head and a white mantle that also covered her shoulders. On her chest Mother had a heart of flesh crowned with thorns; her arms were open as a sign of welcome and in her right hand was a long holy rosary made as if out of drops of ice. All around Mother were a myriad of angels, singing a sweet melody, and an angel was ringing a bell.

May Jesus Christ be praised.

“My dear children, I come to you once again by the immense mercy of the Father. Children, these are hard times, times for prayer; pray, children, pray for my beloved Church, pray for the unity of Christians. My children, this is no longer a time for futile requests or questions, it is a time for prayer. Pray, children, surrender to the arms of the Father, like children in the arms of the most loving of fathers; only in this way can you find true peace, true serenity – only He can give you everything you need. Daughter, pray with me.”

I prayed much with Mother, then she resumed her message.

“My children, I love you and I ask you again for prayer; pray, my children, pray.

Now I give you my holy blessing.

Thank you for having hastened to me.”


Our Lady of Zaro di Ischia to Angela on January 26, 2024:

This afternoon the Virgin Mary appeared all dressed in white. The mantle wrapped around her was also white, wide, and the same mantle also covered her head. On her head the Virgin Mary had a crown of twelve shining stars. Her hands were clasped in prayer and in her hands was a holy rosary, white as light. Mother’s feet were bare and rested on the world [globe]. Part of the world was covered by one part of the Virgin’s mantle; the other part was uncovered and was shrouded in a large gray cloud. On her chest, Mother had a heart of flesh crowned with thorns, which was beating strongly.

The Virgin had a very sad face, but with a hint of a beautiful smile, as if wanting to hide her pain.

May Jesus Christ be praised.

“Dear children, walk with me, walk in my light, live in the light. I ask you to be children of light.

Children, do not be overcome by discouragement: live with me in prayer, let your lives be prayer.

Children, when you pray, I am always with you. I pray with you and for you.

Children, live in prayer and silence, God is there in silence, God acts in silence. Prayer is your strength, prayer is the strength of the Church, prayer is necessary for your salvation.

Children, I am here to show you the path, I am here because I love you.

Children, grasp my hands and do not be afraid.”

When Mother said: “Grasp my hands”, she extended them towards us and her heart not only began to beat strongly, but gave off an immense light. Then she began speaking again.

“Children, today I am pouring out numerous graces upon you. I love you, I love you, children: convert!

Hard times await you, times of pain and suffering, but do not fear, I am beside you and will not leave you on your own.

Children, today I again ask you for prayer for my beloved Church and for the Vicar of Christ. Pray, children, not only for the universal Church but also for your local church. Pray much for priests.”

At this point, the Virgin Mary asked me to pray with her; while I was praying, I had a vision about the Church.

In conclusion she blessed everyone.

In the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.